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star trek online

2 posts in this topic

I am a long time player of this game and I have seen Joes '5 things' co op video with spoony on the game




Most of the problems have been fixed.

1: The ships now have some great interiors, there are things like DS9 to explore properly.


2: There is some decent variety for combat (depending on your char type...for example, a tactical will have a different option from a engineering).  One example was during the mission, 'the vault' where I could choose how to safely bypass a bases security perimeter again depending on my characters role.


3: There is plenty of ship variety, though this may still lose points as ships like the vulcan ship are gotten through the c store.  


4: The tutorial missions for all three sides *the romulans are now in the game* now have some very good tutorial missions that feel like star trek and in many cases are voiced.  The klingons also have their own extremely good story now.


5: Game guilds/fleets now are able to build their own fleet starbases and assets, including a new romulus embassy, a dilithium mine you can use to get your own ore, and a spire on a dyson sphere that was added in season 9.


6: They have even given one of joes demands...in that the feds can play as a klingon (though again...its a c store unlock) and get klingon bridge officers (I have such a officer as a science officer)


7: There is a foundry system that lets players make a story and give it to the community to play (some of which are worthy of being in the show)




It still has a few bugs but the game is now far from broken.

1: still some problems with connectivity with some providors like virgin media


2:  lock box keys can only be gotten reasonably via the c store using real money.


3:  at least a third of the ships are on c store credit only though the game is easily beatable without them,

 Its worth another look and I think the AJSA could really enjoy it.

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This game was already put to a vote and lost.

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