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Fighter Tree Analysis By Nation (By MOBB)

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So I found this on the WarThunder Forums by MOBB and found it really helpful. 

Link: http://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/134460-fighter-tree-analysis-by-nation/

German Fighter Tree:                  U.S.A. Fighter Tree:                        Japanese Fighter Tree:

      Complete                                    Complete                                         In progress...

post-226390-0-21054700-1399087340_thumb.                                 post-226390-0-45360200-1399429014_thumb.                               post-226390-0-50623200-1399763662_thumb.




Overall Test Parameters are done with:

  • IAS (indicated airspeed)
  • Auto Engine Management
  • Only fully upgraded aircraft tested
  • Realistic controls with a Logitech 3dpro flight stick. 
  • 30 minutes of fuel/limited ammo fuel and clean load outs, no gun pods or bombs.
  • The following maps using test flight then mission editor as follows (regular test flight maps and reference aircraft load outs are bugged so I don't use them): 

Germany/USA/British: Battle over Ruhr/ Essen 

USSR:  Battle over Berlin/ Stahndorf

Japan:  Battle of Port Moreseby/ Papua New Guinea north-east




Flight test criteria are as follows:


• Max Dive speed:

Just as it sounds, the aircraft is flown from 6000m in a dive until the wings fall off, the IAS is then recordeded

• Vertical Stall Speed:

This is the lowest speed when pointed straight up (90 degrees),without flaps, that the aircraft can still use the elevator effectively.

• Minimum Loop Speed:

This is the minimum airspeed needed in level flight to complete a loop, without flaps, any less and you will stall in the vertical.

• Minimum Turn Speed

This is the minimum airspeed, without flaps, needed to sustain a turn in the horizontal without gaining / losing altitude or stalling.  I decided not to use turn time because it does not give the pilot a specific airspeed for turning without stalling.  in comparison, a minimum airspeed tells you how slow you can go and when compared to other aircraft which one turns better at low speed.

• Minimum Airspeed: 

This is the minimum airspeed the aircraft can fly, without flaps,  without stalling.  This is your minimum take off speed, and minimum landing speed without flaps.  this is a very usefull number to have especially if your landing badly damaged. since sometimes you wont have flaps or not flaps on both wings.

• MAX Temperature:

This is the max temperature your coolant can get before your radiator opens which slows down the aircraft significantly.  when using wep in the max speed in level flight I would feather the WEP so I would stay at the maximum speed while staying only 1 degree under the max temp which would trigger opening the radiator/overheating the engine.

Some final notes on how each analysis was done.  all aircraft were flown using a stick with realistic controls.  I did not use simple because of the instructor and I did not use full real because it is simply exhausting to fly for prolonged periods of time fighting torque ect.
as for test settings, all aircraft are set to reference settings with no extra ordinance (bombs) or gunnpods... clean load outs only, with 30 min of fuel or the next lowest if 30 minutes isn't available (ie 45min).




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