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Apex Spartan

Chassis Intruded - System Halted!

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So, I was playing LoL when suddenly my PC just shut down completely.


After that I tried powering it up, but it barley powered up then it shut down again and so it happened several times. I thought maybe it was my outlets, so I connected the cable for the PSU to another outlet, I turned on the PC and it powered up, but then it got stuck on the start up screen, where all the PC info loads up and at the buttom of the screen it said, "Chassis intruded" and under it "System Halted!"


Anyone know what it is? I have a feeling my PSU just screwed up, but all of a sudden the PC powered up.


PS Just powered up again, it's starting windows, the Chassis Intruded error didn't appear, but the PC powered up just barley...took like 3 seconds. I have a feeling it will go down again sooner or later.



My guess it's my PSU, but I'm not sure, it could be that my outlet isn't giving enough power...I mean, now the PC powered up after I switched the outlet.

Another thing is, for a while on the screen it said that the GPU cable isn't connected to the monitor, but the PC was powered up which also makes me think that the PSU is not giving enough power. The PC at this moment is still working atm, it just loaded on to desktop, but I have feeling it will go down again.


Any suggestions on what it might be? I'm 99% sure it's my PSU, but I'm thinking it could be my outlet or something. Any way I can check if my PSU is 100% working?

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Also, I have a ASUS M5A78L-M LX3 Mobo and I just read on a forum post that the Chassis Intruded is a common occurrence with ASUS mobos.

Could that also have something to do with the PC powering up slowly or not powering up at all?

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Maybe it has something to do with the battery on your motherboard?

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I would try resetting the CMOS Battery before anything else, but if your computer is taking longer to start up than usual you may want to test your PSU.

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  • It's a setting in your BIOS. Try disabling it... might be called "chassis intrusion" or "CHA Chassis intrusion". If you can't find the setting? ? You can always try resetting your BIOS to defaults and saving and rebooting... see if that reverses whatever setting has caused you grief. Some higher end PC tower cases come with a chasis opened check switch... to alert you if someone's breaking into your PC I guess if you're at a LAN Party... but pretty sure if someone ripped out your graphics card you would notice pretty fast hahaha... :P
  • If those don't work? Next step is to try and update your BIOS to the latest one in case there's an error in the current version of your BIOS
  • A bit of an odd thing to try? but try swapping the slots your RAM is installed in... just in case for some reason one of your memory slots is defective.
  • Next would be to try replacing your CMOS battery. It could be defective (it's rare but it happens) and might be causing you issues.
  • After that? Find your proof of purchase receipt and call Asus for a warranty repair... could be the motherboard is defective...

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