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Fifth round of the Guild Fashion Contest!

8 posts in this topic

Please post a screenshot of the character that you'd like to use for this week's contest in this thread.  You can also throw in a sentence or two to introduce your character.


Remember, this is NOT a voting thread, a poll will be made on Friday for voting. 


This week will be Human and Norn characters only

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Sry for quality - I have a pretty bad video card  :rolleyes:

Esteriya Chains - charming woman who loves pistols and good drinks. In any circumstances she keep pistol and various elixirs with rum ready.... and soup... Beware! She will charm you and sell soup to you! She always has them for sale...
*Basicly she is part of my story. 'Chains' in her name means certain curse...  And no - story not about gw2  :ph34r:
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My character is a Norn Mesmer, called Nalabel.


She was raised by Norns, but always felt weird the fact that she is not as tall as the others. That's why she decided to explore Tyra, instead of living on the arctic regions of Hoelbrak. She loved the tropical climates, which explains her tanned skin and her lack of clothing. On her explorations, she developed a fascination for crystals, which allowed her to create powerful weapons and illusions.







Gw2_2014_05_20_10_43_52_007_2.jpg Gw2_2014_05_20_10_37_31_814_2.jpg Gw2_2014_05_20_10_39_10_936_2.jpg Gw2_2014_05_20_10_41_22_329_2.jpg

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Treeps, you got a damn good eye for this shizzle!

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For this entry I'll be using my human female Elementalist Neon Rivera. She's wearing the Heritage set with the Student shoulders.


Character Description: Neon Rivera was an orphan on the streets of Divinity's Reach for as long as she could remember and by way of circumstance became the leader of a group of children who essentially mugged people to survive. This was owed to her natural leadership abilities and the fact that she possessed a natural understanding of wind elementalism. Her nick name "Neon" comes from her use of the skill "Ride the Lightning" which she used to blind victims before robbing them. Even she doesn't know her true first name though she's always had white hair, something that many naturally skilled Elementalists are born with.


Her life changed when she was incarcerated for the 3rd time at the age 15 when she attempted to rob a middle aged Asura of a precious artifact and was swiftly defeated by him. This was Steward Gixx, leader of the Durmond Priory. Impressed with both Neon's natural Elementalist abilities and her curiosity about the artifact, Gixx arranged for Neon to come to the Priory as a part of a work release program. Though she eagerly accepted, Neon still feels guilty about abandoning her friends to this day.


Neon found a new passion in the recovery and study of ancient relics and artifacts, as well as a fascination with the history of Tyria itself. Upon completion of the work release program she officially joined the Priory and currently holds the rank of Scholar. As Neon entered her 20's the fiery, extroverted personality of her youth gave way to a more introverted, reclusive personality. A classic INTJ personality type, Neon is rational, level-headed and has a low tolerance for bullshit. She spends much of her time alone studying ancient artifacts or reading recovered historical tomes though sometimes (to her annoyance) she is assigned field work due to her leadership and combat abilities. Unlike most humans she doesn't worship the 6 gods as her research indicates that they are simply ascended humans.


Neon is cold and aloof towards most people, only opening up and showing friendliness towards those close to her, such as her close friend Zima Wartooth (my female Charr Warrior). Also despite having exceptional leadership abilities Neon hates being put in a leadership position. Much to her annoyance circumstance lead to her becoming the unofficial leader of the group consisting of Jory, Braham and the others during the Scarlet incident. Despite this annoyance she eventually warmed up to the group and considers them all close friends now and will help them in any way she can going forward.


Also, despite landing the killing blow on Scarlet, Neon takes no pride in the act; she simply considered it something that had to be done. She feels that having to kill the most brilliant mind that Tyria had ever seen was  incredibly wasteful. Unlike Zima Wartooth who gladly takes on the role of a hero, Neon honestly hates being considered a hero. A frequent phrase of her's is "I'm not a hero, I'm an archeologist."


Neon tends to avoid combat when possible but when it is unavoidable she take on a support/leadership role. She favors the use of her summoned ice bow above all other Elementalist techniques and uses it tactically to create openings for her teammates while advising them strategically. She is also known to summon elementals to keep enemies off of her when needed. All in all, her adaptability, versatility, and use of strategy are her most dangerous weapons.









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This was super last minute,


Character Name: Aerith Gainsborough

After being killed by Sephiorth her soul was re-incarnated in Tyria, her goal is to find a way to use the draons powers to return to her own universe. Already familiar with the elements from use of materia she is makes a skillful Elementalist. To be continued~



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