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dynasty warriors games post your favorite characters images here :] Please try to post your images in one comment thank you

Which factions ?   8 members have voted

  1. 1. Which factions you like the most ?

Please sign in or register to vote in this poll.

10 posts in this topic

Sima Shi ,Sima Yi,  Guan Yu, Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei are my favorite characters in dynasty warrior games 


 dynasty-warriors-8-sima-yi-01.jpgSima Yi


dw6e23l.png Liu Bei         sima_shi_by_mollymous-d3dwklx.jpg Sima Shi


Zhuge Liang


Guan Yu

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Zhao Yun is my favorite.



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i like playing this game, re-skinned and repetitive it can be insanely addictive

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Thanks for sharing your favorite character guys

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Dynasty Warriors 3 9999kill master race checking in

my favs from each faction:

for WU it has to be my main man Gan Ning.    (DW3 and DW5 versions)



WEI has to be the legend that is Xiahou Dun.    (DW3 version)



SHU there is only one option for me, it has to be Ma Chao.    (DW3 version)




its a shame the games gradually got worse over time :(

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DW8 is my first DW game & I love it. 

ATM these are my favs, but I haven't played with everyone yet so I can change my mind :P 

Wei - > Xiahou Dun & Wang Yi

Wu -> Zhou Yu, Zhou Tai & Lu Xun

Shu -> Ma Chao, Zhao Yun & Wei Yan

Jin -> Sima Zhao & Wen Yang

Love it so much, I might even get Xtreme Legends, since all mentioned characters are level 99. They are ready for it!


Oh I didn't see the poll before. I really like the Wei campaign. The way Cao Cao starts his empire and how he wanted to expand is just fenomenal. To bad his campaign took a massive blow in Chibi! :P:D Luckily there's the hypothetical route :P 

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