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Best Free MMO's

35 posts in this topic

As much as I like SWTOR (great story, awesome worlds to visit, Star Wars), its utterly horrible F2P business model makes it difficult to recommend. If you play this game without being a subscriber, prepare to be treated like a second class citizen.


EA literally locks away BASIC game functions behind a pay wall. The sprint button is locked. You're limited to two hotkey bars. You can't hide your helmet unless you pay. You can't customize your companions' appearance unless you pay. You have to pay for bank access. Money is capped at 200,000. You can't send mail, only receive it. PVP and space missions are limited per week. Can't equip rare/legendary items. No rested XP bonus. All items and services cost more in-game. Leveling up takes longer. Can only sell 2 items at once at the auction house. And the biggest BS of all: No customer service unless you subscribe. 


Here's a list of the complete BS limitations: http://www.swtor.com/free/features


Thankfully, I'm only playing this game for the story, which in my opinion is the best part of the game. I'm not even trying to be social in here, since there are so many limitations that I don't even feel it's worth it. Usually if I play a game as much as I do SWOTOR, I buy at least $30 worth of microtransactions just to show my appreciation. But I don't feel like spending money here, since all these limits are just insulting. This is the type of game I feel I could have spent a massive amount of money on (over $100) like I did for Warframe, but EA's idiotic policies just leave me cold. So no money for you.

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After looking through the list that was compiled, I definitely agree with DCUO and Rift being good MMOs. I do, however have one to recommend that may be off of some people's radar.

Uncharted Waters Online is an MMO that was developed by Tecmo Koei and is currently being run on OG Planet servers. It follows the premise of the NES title. You have a ship, you attack other ships, trade, and adventure. Anything within that is up to you. When my wifi actually works well (Not very often in this case) I can't get bored with this game. There is just too much to do to get bored of it IMO.

When you adventure you can discover maps of Biology, Archaeology, Art, Theology, Geography, Appraisal (Treasures).
You can also become a pirate, an officer, or even just battle NPC and player alike to become the strongest possible.
In the trade jobs, you dont only buy and sell, but also produce and sell your wares to players and NPCs. 

Whats even better is you can mix and match. You can become a senior officer who has the ability to make his own cannons, swords, armor, and ships. Perhaps you want to be an adventurer who has a knack for cooking and raising old shipwrecks, but dont want to fall to pirates. You can gain those skills too.

If you have any questions about the game, I'm happy to help you out. Also let me know if you start to play, and I can see if i can give you some pointers or even some in-game assistance.

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As listed above both Aion and Tera are really good games. I would also recommend Vindictus. My only real complaint about it is that the characters are gender locked.

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Here is a list of Free MMos I play. They are numbered but not in the sense of best to worst or anything like that. 


1. Tera

- Awesome combat (it's more like Elder Scrolls online) 

- A nice guild/government system 

- Nice graphics and beautiful background and city looks



2. Rift 

- Multi-path combat (it's like WOW but more to choice from and mix and match. You can make some awesome builds) 

- Player housing 

- PVP 

- random events (these are awesome, when rifts open randomly throughout the world, players unite and fight against these demons as they come through)



3. Old Republic 

- Interesting Combat (it's like WoW)

- Star Wars universe 

- Player housing 

- Guild Flag ships (just added and are rather cool to walk around in and have meetings on)

- Space PVP (however there is a lot of down time so find your server perk time to get best experience)

- BIG DOWNFALL is the F2P model can be seen as a cheap version meaning you have to pay to get some access and are forced into timers before you can go on. 



4. Lords of the Ring Online 

- WOW Combat 

- Player housing 

- Graphics are a bit outdated to some 

- Large world / Follows more towards the novel version

- It's getting a lot more attention with the newest expansion pushing more towards the black gate/ Minas Tirith. 



5. Planet Side 2 

- Crazy Battles 

- Vehicles VEHICLES

- great combat

- can get repetitive over time, if your not in a good squad/platoon it can feel less exciting so make sure to roll out with AJSA


6. Star Trek Online (I believe it's full f2p before you had to buy the game) 

- awesome space combat (not like eve online and the micro-managing even though that is fun at times)

- Ground and space questing/missions 

- Player generated stories 

- DOWNFALL - some stories can be blocked by a cash shop 


7. Archeage

- Heavy PVP focus

- Player housing / justice system (really neat)

- ships and wagons you can use

- large world


8. Firefall (just started this to be honest)

- Very heavy on PVE 

- Tera type combat 

- gathering resources is rather fun when you use the humper or thumper





MMOs that are free but are on the 50/50

1. Defiance - Not that great but there is a community of players that enjoy it.

2. Secret World - I believe it's F2P now but double check you might need to get the game first before play

3. DC Universe - If your big on the City of Heroes feeling then this might be for you. However expect paying for future content

4. Never Winter - It's mixed, has player generated content

5. Aion - haven't play that much into it 

6. Star Wars galaxies EMU - Graphics are outdated , but it's rather fun however (YOU REQUIRED Star wars galaxies either a steam version or physical to play, it might be hard to acquire as the core game has stopped a few years ago, EMU is done by volunteers rebuilding a fun game)

6. Fallen Earth - large open world but community seems small

7. APB reloaded - GTA style having players pick enforcers or criminals and fight each other. Heavy PVP but be warned there is a huge Cash shop and may have some unbalanced weaponry through paying. 


There is a bunch more but those are the ones I have tried and enjoy some aspect of. 

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I played rift for a long time. it is very good. they have events where you can earn tokens to buy costumes and mounts. If you can find a CD on amazon or at gamestop (when i got mine it was 5.00) you get a free mount extra character slots, and auction access. 
I loved Rift. a lot of my friends left though so I stopped playing. I go back sometimes to see whats new.

I am playing Tera now, and I like it a lot. It is not pay to win. they make money by selling mounts and costumes (you get a free tiger when you sign up) I am on Tempest Reach (stay away from the RP server -perverted)

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Fallen Earth is my favorite MMO.   It is no longer a sub based game though.  All this being said I will admit i am a fangirl, I have ran TAO (www.theawakenedorder.guildlaunch.com) for 5 years and have a Neon Pink Betsy Grenade Launcher and Fuzzy bunny pistols, so I am easy to spot in PVP.   GM support in Fallen earth is not as good as it was in 2009, but there are still GM's available to help you, just harder to get them.  The player base is much smaller, so finding a group can be problematic if you are a new player. There are only a few clans(guilds) left from Beta in 2009, Those few left are all max level with the best gear and do the most PVP, most have been fighting each other for 5 years.  Newer players will not even see that type of PVP as we(the older players) will not even show up in combat by them as we suffer a penalty for killing newbies and low levels.  So if you want to PVP, get  with one of old Beta clans and train with them.  TAO, Saints, Condemned, Damage Inc, Heretic, RFDC and Exile are still active PVP clans for max level players.  I thnk Fallen Earth would  be better if it was remade and some of the older faction choices were brought back, IE mutations being tied to your faction choice.    All items except a few cosmetic items can be made by you in game if you take the time to learn the skills. If you dislike doing that you may instead focus on PVP or fighting Boss and mobs for loot to sell instead.  If you wish to dance, send me a PM in Fallen Earth...Mutare Nebula.

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Path of Exile is still free? If is, so then is the best free MMO. Most in poe I like the simplicity of this game, very enjoyable game play, the ability to trade and collect currency and use it to improve your stuff. If you want to buy some poe orbs, it's best to do it for you. Delivery is fast, Orb prices such as Exalted Orbs and Chaos Orbs are the lowest in the market. Soon ancient orbs and the whole new currency poe will be published

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since its been a min since it was posted before EVE Online has expanded their f2p ship list from cruisers to battleships.

still suggest giving it 1-3 months of trying out before you decide if the game fits

gets you enough time to complete newbie quests and grab your free loots

(suggestion) would apply to E-UNI (eve university) get in, fly with them, take classes, tours etc, etc to get a feel for what you can do and what you like for a few months

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