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Alien Vs. Aliens

The best of the franchise   7 members have voted

  1. 1. Which do you think is the better?

    • Alien
    • Aliens
    • Neither

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5 posts in this topic

This just popped up in my sub box, so I figured why not pose the question since we're on the cusp of another Aliens game.

Personally, I've always been a sucker for the original.  The lighting was superb and the suspense was really well done.

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Both are great but my vote goes to Aliens. Yes Alien is more suspenseful but something about Aliens just makes me enjoy it more.

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I love both but my vote goes for Alien. The thread that one alien has in this is way greater than the horde in the second. Not showing the alien for a long time increases the fear of the monster that lurks and the suspense created is something that many horror movies and games nowadays should take as a blueprint

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I'm not a huge fan of the movies themselves really. I like the xenomorph all well and good, and the games always have great potential, but the movies just seem to bug me a little. Mostly with seeing some of the stupid things they do.

The "evil schemes" of throwing people away to research a genetic killing machine begs the question of why? Why does the most advanced, leading company of all of humanity with it's own heavily armed and unchecked private military need to create soulless super killing creatures that can't be controlled? Why did they just send one synthetic in the first movie instead of an actually armed group when they knew exactly where the alien eggs were? Or even arm the synthetic for when it encountered them? Why not send their own military force to secure the colony in the second movie instead of risking exposure to the government military forces?

And then the things such as "Let's split up" and "ignore the intelligence we're being given" through out the movies. Trained soldiers were dropping left and right, losing their composure, and mostly proving useless and then the one civilian turns into a super alien killer because of plot power. I hate when that happens, it defeats the purpose of saying the soldiers are trained and neccesary when they're tossed into a grinder to make room for the untrained, barely experienced person.

Aside from all that plot needed nonsense, the alien and general atmosphere does well. The first alien stays silent, plays to it's strengths of an assassin hit and run and highly mobile fighter. The second, with aliens, pulled out the group onslaught "bum rush" strategy showing they can be more than hit and run.

They both have their positives and negatives, so I can't say one or the other save standard "watch them in order" and such.

Those are my thoughts/opinions. Take them for what you will.

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Promethus. Anyone.....


Just me ok.

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