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A very foxy fox :D

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Hello all, I'm Fox, I'm 27 years of age and i live in the UK.

I've been watching the AJS for a good while now and when i noticed there was a community website i just had to join. I guess this is the spot where people are supposed to talk about who they are and what they are into right? Well I'm into games, naturally, pretty much all types of games, i don't have any kind of brand loyalty or fanboyisms to speak of.


If i find a game to be good then i'll play it, regardless of who made it, what reviews it got and things like that. I've always seen gaming as an experience to the individual so if a game gets a really low score but i myself enjoy playing it then to me that game is a good game though i often find myself agreeing with Angry Joe, i guess we just have similar tastes in that regard.


While i enjoy playing pretty much any type of game i do primarily spend my time playing MMO's, Guild Wars 2 being the one that has stuck with me the most. I am a Roleplayer in MMO's and not ashamed to admit it, i know a lot of people have the opinion that roleplaying is this sort of taboo, automatically drifting to the thought that all roleplay must b sexual in nature when RP is infact rarely sexual in nature for those that Roleplay as a hobby.


Beyond games i am also into Anime and pretty much anything else you'd expect, TV, Movies, Books and the like. i love music too. I'm a pretty open person, i don't tend to judge anybody and am easy to talk to, i'll list my owned platforms below and you guys can feel free to ad dme, though i have no Mic for my PS4.


PS4/PSN: Fawkzi


PC/Steam: Crymzen (Currently set as Fawks)


Xbox Live: CrymzenAssassin (Though i do not currently own an xbox consol, my 360 was traded in to gain money for the PS4, i will be getting and XBone once the price comes down.)


So feel free to add me, i look forwar dto spending some time with you guys on here and in game.

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