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New Campaigns

5 posts in this topic

So It looks like they are doing away with thw 90 day campaigns and starting with X5 this time.


• Bow of Shadows: Veteran Rank only Campaign (five-day campaign)
• Blackwater Blade: Non-Veteran only Campaign (five-day campaign)
• Haderus: seven-day standard Campaign that anyone can join.
• Chillrend: seven-day standard Campaign that anyone can join.
• Thornblade: 30-day standard Campaign that anyone can join.


Personally I would prefer Thornblade for the 30 day fight as opposed to a week or less... seems to me it would be best to keep to a all access campaign rather then a Vet or a Non-Vet Campaign so that fresh meat/veterans can stick togeather......


What dose everyone else think? less then 4 days do to fresh campaigns.

EDIT: June 26 2014 @3:08PM PST

Hmz, I am reading conflicting reports seems to say that they are all new campaigns that will be added, rather then replacing the old ones. This confuses me as they only seem to ever have 1 high population server..... so adding more seems counter productive.

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it would be good to know what everyone thinks on this and know exactly what they plan on doing with the servers. I am getting ready to go out of the country on vacation and would like to have it squared away before I go...

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Well personally I hopped into Wabbajack. I had thought that I was having horrible problems due to the higher population, but having the same issues on low population serves.

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I have been playing on Wabbajack for a few weeks too, and it is great. Alway, always stuff to do.

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As you can see there is very little input on the subject. It seems the bulk of our regular PVPers have stopped playing. Our guild is down to 370ish members which sounds fine 'till you see most have been inactive for 1 or 2 months. We're just not going to be able to to influence the battlefield without some in game recruitment.


I would recommend that we just relax this campaign period and try to get a fresh start next time. 


I've been in Wabbajack, it's pretty easy to find groups that fill up with pugs there. But with the FPS crapping out so frequently when I engage enemy forces I haven't been able to keep interested in PVP.  It is getting a little better with each patch so there's still hope.

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