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Shadow Paladin

More Next-Gen Forum Pages in Future

3 posts in this topic

Hello everyone. I am fairly new to the AJSA, as you can see by my member status. However, I do have something I would like to contribute.

I notice that AJSA has a lot of categories for PC gaming. Seperate categories for shooters, MOBAs, etc. Meanwhile, PS4 and XB1 have put one forum page.

This is currently not an issue, as there is a lack of next-gen games at the moment. However, I would like all of us here in the AJSA to keep a close eye on the PS4 and XB1 systems, and when the time is right, I feel it would be fitting to give them their worthy subcategories ASAP so as not to leave them in the dark.

Please do feel free to reply with modifications to my suggestion, or general feedback.

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The reason for there being more PC related forum pages Is because the AJSA primarily Is a PC oriented community. And because of that all the games we Officially Support are on PC.

But we do have a Community Officer for the PS4 part of the Community, and several people are working hard to organize more events for the X1 people as well.


You do have a good suggestion though, and I hope we'll support more games for the consoles in the future, but right now there's not a whole lot of use for more pages.

Mondez, Dyzzles and Shadow Paladin like this

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I agree with you completely Beserker. The only point of this post was as sort of a reminder that in the future things might change and it's important for everyone to keep an eye on the PS4 and XB1.

I just read about the PS4 having a Community Officer now, so my fears of being forgotten are put to rest.

Personally I feel it would be incredibly helpful if there was a minor ranking system for each console, if even possible, that way people could check the ranks and see specifically who is what rank in which console. This would be primarily helpful in organizing the consoles. Furthermore, it would be helpful in organization of console events. For example, someone who is particularly active in setting up Ps4 events or helping in ps4 events might not have an overall AJSA commander status, but they could have a seperate leadership rank specific to that console so all Ps4 users would know that they are higher in the ps4's chain of command, but PC users would understand that they are not high on the chain of command for PC.

Of course, I could see how this could easily problamatic, especially during the process of actually creating a system of distributing the ranks. Just a random thought is all!

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