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Trouble in Terrorist Town

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I was wondering if you guys know any tips on how to improve at this game?

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All right, here are some pointers for each team;



Your job is to discover and kill all traitors. You need solid proof to kill someone for being a traitor, so keep an eye on people. 


  • Keep an eye on others
  • Notify your team if you see something traitorous. 
  • You usually don't want to wander off from the group, safety in numbers.
  • Take weapons depending on the map, if it is an indoor map with alot of corridors, take a shotgun for example.
  • Follow the detectives orders unless he is idiot


TRAITOROUS ACTIONS (actions you kill people for doing)

  • Killing someone for no reason
  • Running from an unidentified ("unideed" for short) body
  • Throwing lethal grenades at others (incendiary grenades, and discombobulators if near a ledge that would kill if  you fell)
  • Planting or using a traitor only weapon
  • Shooting at people



Your job is to cooperate will your fellow traitors and cause confusion and death among the Innocents and Detectives.


  • Causing confusion (grenades are a good way)
  • Make sure nobody is looking when you kill someone
  • AIM FOR THE HEAD, you do way more damage.
  • Plant C4 near populated areas (you can use smoke grenades to conceal it for a bit)
  • Control where people are with incendiary and discombob grenades to your advantage
  • Converse and conspire with your fellow traitors (SHIFT is default traitor only voicechat, U is default traitor textchat)
  • Hide unidentified bodies
  • KILL DETECTIVES, they can use a DNA scanner on bodies to trace who killed them
  • Burn bodies with the flare gun to get rid of DNA
  • Scare the Innocents by hanging bodies, using your magneto stick and LM clicking on a surface. 
  • Use the Traitor shop © to your advantage.
  • You can buy multiple C-4 and essentially carpet bomb the map, which is both hilarious and terrifying



Keep moral high among the innocents. I


  • Look for blood and bullet holes. Burn marks in the ground represent spots where C4 exploded or a body was burned. 
  • Identify bodies
  • You can use your DNA scanner on bodies for a radar signal where the killer is
  • You learn a lot by identifying bodies and going into sherlock homes mode, think weapons, situations, etc. etc. 
  • Use the detective menu © to buy stuff.
  • Keep up moral among the innocents


General Tips

  • KOS means Kill On Sight
  • AOS means Attack On Sight, same thing
  • You can killed for not identifying bodies, it's very important. 
  • If you hear the beeping of C4 warn your team to get out of the area and then RUN BECAUSE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT
  • A mic is very helpful it saying whos killing you and communicating with your team
  • On default TTT servers, there is 1 traitor for every 4 people
  • On default TTT servers, there is 1 detective for every 8 people. 
  • AIM FOR THE HEAD, deagles and rifles instakill on headshots
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You're not the only one who needs improving, lol. Really fun game though!

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