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Warframe Update 14.

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So Warframe just Updated to Build #14.0.5 they Just added Space Puppies, Kubrow's    (Coo-Bro) 

just wondering if anyone in the AJSA Army plays it, or if they would like to? i can even help out (im about Mid Tier in game lvl)

its a Co-Op PVE Space ninja Shoot bang game. Lots of Guns lots of "Warframes" (Playable Avatars) Currently 20 Different Frames. +6 more Counting the Upgraded "Prime Variants" 5 are only available to New players as one was a Donate Exclusive. but all 20 have Different Abilities and Skills and dont feel the same.

Too many weapons to Count. but there is a good sized Variation on them. and usual Ninja Stuff, Throwing Knifes, Ninja Stars, Swords all kinds of Stuff.

Hoping i draw a few players in the game !   (and no im not giving out a referral for myself i dont need anything they give for it)


Here is the Games Website to sign up.  you can find it on Steam and PSN (PS4)




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We supported it before, there are still some AJSA member who play it but interest in the community at large sadly died out.

Doesn't stop anyone from playing together though, just we have no officers or support for it anymore.

Moved to Warframe subforum.

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