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IGN enlightens me

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This is something that has bothered me for many years, ever since the 16 bit consoles era.  Why do all other joypads have such rubbish D-pads?  IGN explains, I would not have guessed Nintendo would have been able to patent such a simple design.  The SNES was the best controller for many years and this was largely due to the simple and brilliant D-pad.  The Xbox 360 controller is now my favourite joypad but the D-pad is crap.  It's simply inferior to the SNES directional pad and now I know why.  Nintendo took the best and refused to share it with the rest. #NaughtyNintendo


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Well if you make something great first I guess you can patent it. Though I don't recall having any problems with the d-pad on the playstation or other 3rd party controllers that used the same design. But yeah, welcome to the industry.

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