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Indie Games Suck!

4 posts in this topic

I give my opinions of indie games in my latest video. Sorry for the start the actual rant in about 50 seconds in the video

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I give my opinions of indie games in my latest video. Sorry for the start the actual rant in about 50 seconds in the video

In my opinion, there is just so much wrong with this. One reason is, what do you expect from an indie studio? Indie means independent, which means no major corporation(s) behind them. They try to make creative and fun games, not something that is necessarily going to win the masses. Some games are try to be more creative than others, and others just try to be fun. Also, indie games aren't for all gamers. People who like indie games are generally more creative, who like to try more things out instead of just waiting for another sequel. Another thing, if you don't like it, does that make it bad? I never cared for the Killzone games, but if I don't like it that doesn't mean I have the right to call it bad, it's just not my cup of tea. Do I think that all indie games are masterpieces? No, but I would like to assume that most indie try to be either fun, creative, or both.

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Firstly I think the OP is putting himself up for a lot of flak. You're not allowed to criricise indie games mate it's one of the unwritten rules. ( Along with praising EA for doing something right).

Being creative or not has nothing to do with ones enjoyment of indie games. I write, I blog I perform stand up comedy but I am not a huge fan of indie games.

Al that being said the op's video seems to be concentrating more on the xbox and it's homebrew content rather than actual indie games.

My own personal view on indie games is that whilst there are some really great ones out there which I have enjoyed, there are a lot of tropes that are starting to become 'standards' of indie games that really bug me and are showing just as much of a paucity of imagination as any AAA sequel.

Pixelated graphics -  Every indie game has to have pixelated graphics now. And the get praised for it. Alot. In fact the worse your game looks and the more praise it gets. By all means be a 2D game- but for gods sake I have seen plenty of 2D games in the past that didn't look like they were 8 or 16 bit just to cash in on nostagia value. They had original art styles that gave them their own look.

Survival Mechanics- Sorry not interested. If a game does not have an actual end in sight and I am just supposed to survive as long as possible through trial and error then no thanks. Not interested. 

A main character who is in Silhouette for the entire game- Well done you played Limbo. So did I.

Wacky Zombie craziness!!! -  *SIGH* Oh good zombies haven't seen them in a game in all of four seconds. Oh your zombies are funny are they? How... YAWN ... original.

This next one is a new one on the list :

You are alone in a scary place with scary people and have no weapons! - And people criticise Dead Space about Jump Scares.....

So I hate indie games?

No I don't there are some truly excelent ones out there Trine was mentioned in the above video, and despite it's 8 bit styling Shovel Knight is also pretty excellent Braid and Limbo are also extremely good and deserve to be acknowledged for breaking a lot of ground. Also FTL is pretty goddamn fun.

But there are also a lot of indie games that get 90% scores when in reality they are just 'Okay' or 'Decent' and should be getting a high 70 or 80% score. Towerfall is a good example. It's pretty decent has the standard 16 bit graphics that identify it as an indie game and is good enough to play for a couple of hours but is it going to keep me from playing something else? No it's not the game has little holding power, and few reasons for me to keep coming back to it.

I feel a little conflicted on this subject because if a game is just okay - or if it actually does look horrible (Niddhog I'm looking at you) We should be able to acknowledge - but I am also very aware that there is a huge amount of effort put into these games by the individuals and teams who make them and that we should support the indie games scene. 

Unfortunately from what I can see we will be getting more pixelated platformers where the protagonist jumps on whacky zombies whilst they're in silhouette the entire time and we will have to call it 'genius' even if it's really just 'solid' or worse 'derivative as all hell'.

ONE FINAL THING ! Some people say Graphics aren't everything. If they say that here I will go and find their Watchdogs graphical lamentations posts because I am evil. MWHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA

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This topic got some responses I literally was not expecting. I like many indie games and I play many of them often. Many of them do not hold my attention for too long besides a few games. It's not really about the graphics I understand them being Indie means smaller budgets, but the gameplay is really not unique in alot of cases. There are gems that stand out from the rest for good reason. 

Has anyone played  King Odd Ball for the PS4? That game did not last me more then 30 min till I got bored.

At the end of the video I just urge the viewers to look at a review before making a purchase, I usually buy many Indie games as some of them do appeal to me in many ways, but I usually don't play most of them for too long. Not because they're bad but because other games have my attention.

I was more focused on the Xbox Homebrew games which arent really that good, most of them are just horrible and they are considered indie.

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