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Indie games thread

8 posts in this topic

I thought it would be cool to start a thread about indie games.

What are some indie games you like?


I'll list a few I've played:

Spelunky: One of my all time favorite games. You have one life and you go through the games randomly generated caves. It's full of secrets and as you play you understand how to get through obstacles and develop your own strategies for getting through the game. Also has co op.


Journey: An abstract sort of 3d platforming game. Beautiful graphics. It is short and can be beaten in under two hours. There are some parts of it that are very fun though, like surfing through sand dunes and flying. It is meant to have deep meaning and could be interpreted different ways I think. I personally think it symbolizes a journey through life and death and rebirth.


Cloudberry kingdom: A platformer where you try to reach the other end of the stage. There are many mechanics mixed in like rolling on a wheel, jet packs, being huge or small, etc. This game has a way of making you "get in the zone" and feel like a total badass getting through the levels. Playing it co op can be alot of fun too. It draws from alot of basic assets to make the levels, but the levels often make you have to think and figure out where and when you have to time your jumps. Some levels look impossible but are simpler than they look. It has a story and cutscenes but they are laughably bad and make no sense.


Trine: A fairy tale book styled sort of physics platformer. You switch between three character (thief, wizard, knight) to use their abilities to get through levels. Has co op. Found ourselves getting really mad at each other in co op though. One problem I have with this game is there is barely any enemy variety. Mostly all you fight is skeletons, occasionally spiders or bats. And there are recycled bosses. Trine 2 fixes that I think so maybe go with that one if you are interested.


Steamworld dig: A sort of platformer where you are a robot who mines stuff. You go into mines and you find new abilities that allow you to enter new areas, collect ore to sell to get better gear and upgrade. You mine stuff alot. And return to town often as health and light runs outs. It's alright.


Hotline miami: An over head view shooter with old school style graphics. It is hyper violent and the colors and the style of it with the music make it trippy and surreal. It's sort of based on game mechanics of some flash games I played ages ago. It's about some guy going crazy and murdering tons or people.


Any of you guys play these games? What did you think of them?

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Recently I have been playing the hell out of Darkwood! Top down free-roam survival horror with a randomly generated world. Blending roguelike, RPG, and adventure elements! Also very scary and I was not thinking it would be since it is top down!



Another one has be UnEpic. This one actually came out of Early Access and really is one of those games where you are like why did I not know about this game?!


The last two are Hand of Fate, another Early Access game where it is a card based adventure game mixed with combat similar to the Fable series. You start by building your deck of cards which have items, weapons, enemies, environments, traps etc. As you progress through the game, the deck you built will randomly pick monsters, traps, and new environments for you to play with. During combat, it's pretty much Fable style, third person, stylized, slightly cheeky British remarks. 


The other one is Divinity Original Sin! I love this game...you don't much I love this game! A top down turn based RPG set in the Divinity Universe! The game is brutally hard at times but the amount of control the player has is mind boggling! Don't a NPC, try to kill him/her! Want to talk to the lord of all, get the talk to animal perk! Have a strong arm, toss deadly barrels of varying elemental affects against targets!



For the record I do have more indie games I personally love but Darkwood is calling and she can be really demanding "wink wink"

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Don't have much time so for now


Mark of the Ninja: Best stealth game I've played, great artstyle. One of my favorite games.

Valdis Story: Excellent metroidvania style game

Divinity Original Sin: Great writing, world, fun gameplay, good use of co-op and player choices.

Trine 1 and 2


Bastion: Beautiful art and music with great story and fun gameplay. One of my top three favorite games.

Torchlight 2


Dust An Elysian Tail

Expeditions Conquistador

Frozen Synapse

Door Kickers

Freedom Planet: What Sonic would be if it were good and was mixed with Gunstar Heroes/Ristar/etc.

FTL Faster Than Light

Lone Survivor: Excellent story and atmosphere

One Finger Death Punch: Very fun gameplay

The Red Solstice (will probably be really good once done)


Shadowrun Returns: Good game, expansion had excellent writing and some very good fan made content.

Wasteland 2

Year Walk

The Yawgh

Zafehouse Diaries

NEO Scavenger (probably really good when done)

The Swapper

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The indie games i own are:

The Binding of Isaac


Dust: An Elysian Tail

FTL: Faster Than Light

Game Dev Tycoon

PixelJunk Eden

The Plan

Risk of Rain


Space Engineers



The Stanley Parable

Surgeon Simulator 2013

Under the Ocean


World of Goo



Prison Architect

Project Cyber

Plague Inc: Evolved

Path Of Shadows




Maybe more i sometimes have a hard time determining indie from the rest.

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Legend of Grimrock is an incredible game. Agree with many of the others that have been mentioned such as FTL and Divinity.

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99 Levels of Hell (2D roguelike platformer with guns)

Ace of Spades (A minecrafty shoot-em-up that I never get to work. For some reason it doesn't want to connect to the servers)

Beat Hazard (music based modern Asteroids clone)

The Binding of Isaac

Breach & Clear

Castle Story (A some kind of DF copy that evolved into something different about Yellow dudes building castles and defending against other dudes)


DLC Quest

Dungeons of Dredmor (classic roguelike sorta game)

Endless Space (4K space strategy with an awful combat system)

Fistful of Frags (HL2 mod converted to the Source SDK)

Freaking Meatbags


Game Dev Tycoon

Gettysburg: Armored Warfare (man I feel bad for the guy who made it. But he's got a new project going on)

Gnomoria (A DF copy about Gnomes, In development)

Hotline Miami


Interstellar Marines (MP Fps about space colonies. In development)

Kerbal Space Program

Kinetic Void (Space sim, I guess. Haven't played for months, in development)


McPixel (really awesome point n' click parody game)


No Time To Explain (A funny flash gamy 2D platformer)

Organ Trail (Oregon Trail but with a car and zombies)

Orion: Dino Horde

Paranautical Activity (3D binding of Isaac, kinda. Nice soundtrack)

Pixel Piracy (2D sidescroller adventure/strategy about pirates, 1.0 release on 31st)

Prison Architect (strategy/management game. Kinda like DF but with prisoners)

Retro City Rampage (if GTA was made in the 8 bit era but with current pop culture references)

Reus (sort of 2D Black&White)

Revenge of the Titans

Rust (Survival game without zombies, In development even though 90% of playerbase think otherwise and whine)

Signs of Life

Space Engineers (minecraft. But in space. with less cubes.)

Starbound (Terraria in space with story, beta)

Stardrive (realtime 4x strategy game, SP only)

Super Meat Boy

Surgeon Simulator 2013


Towns (A complete and total Early Access Scam.)


Verdun (WW1 Shooter, beta)

Windforge (Terraria in air between sky islands, with a story and flying whales)


Somebody can correct me if I'm wrong on these.

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Indie game w/o publisher or kickstarter

Cave Story

Mutant Mudds

Indie game w/ publisher

Dust:  An Elysian Tail




All Platiinum Games

indie game w/ kickstarter

FTL:  Faster than Light

Shovel Knight

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If survival, crafting, shooting, and douchebags throwing plasma grenades at you didn't cost 20.00 I'd totally recommend this game... but be warned if it does interest you enough, because this game has given me serious paranoia and PTSD.



Wait was that... dirt and stone? DIRT AND STONE? No! There's no end to this, IT'S JUST DIRT AND STONE EVERYWHERE! EVERYWHERE JUST DIRT AND STONE!!!

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