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Hi all, King Gibbon introduction

4 posts in this topic

Hi all,


Well I haven't really written an introduction for a long time now so i'll try my best. My ingame name on most games I play is King Gibbon. Only Xbox is it King Of Gibbons as I messed up registration. My real name is Harry and I am 25. I am mainly on Battlefield and have recently purchased Battlefield 4 though I haven't gotten round to play the multiplayer yet. I also play a wide variety of other games and currently run a small guild on World Of Warcraft. I play on the PC but also own and Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS and Wii that are gathering dust. I am currently looking for people to play Battlefield with and a few other games. I am not an amazing gamer but I like to have fun! This means sometimes doing stupid things.


A huge thanks Joe for setting up this community. I must admit, I didn't really watch The Angry Joe Show until earlier this year, when he appeared on my recommended page and from that moment I watched his video, I subscribed. Hopefully it will be a success and we can gain a lot of notoriety within the gaming community!


I also use Skype! Feel free to add me to Steam or Origin and I will happily tell you the address. I also own Pokemon Y on my 3DS so PM me with your friend code and I will add you up. My Friend Safari is Sneasel, Snorunt and Piloswine.


Battlelog/Origin: Kinggibbon

Steam: King Gibbon


If you want to know anything else feel free to drop me a reply on here.

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Hi, madKyoma25 here, name is George. Have a ps3 and just got bf4 but having trouble getting it started. You have bf4 on ps3 also?

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Sorry George, BF4 on PC. I have currently given the PS3 to my girlfriend... kinda. I have hardly any games left for my PS3 or my Xbox since I sold them for new PC components to build her a PC.

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