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An Angry Albino

Titanfall Lag Compensation.

3 posts in this topic

So, I was playing Titanfall earlier. On the U.S. West Coast Servers like I normally do. And I had at best 98 ping. It was usually somewhere around 150. So, I went back to the main menu to see what was going on since everyone else in my house was asleep, so it wasn't like they were using the internet. According to the main menu, my ping was 28. 

So, I tried switching to the central U.S. data center. According to the main menu my connection to that was 60 or so ping. On those servers, I was averaging 50, sometimes getting all the way down to 40. Now, I don't work on making any multiplayer games, but that doesn't seem right to me. 

And, the only logical conclusion that I could come up with was that the lag compensation in Titanfall has just plain gotten out of hand. (In fact, on the West Coast servers, when I opened my internet browser with some youtube running on it, my ping dropped by thirty. So, that doesn't seem right to me. 

The only logical explanation to me is that its lag compensation going completely overboard. Since more internet use that isn't Titanfall lowered my ping, it has to be that. So, has anyone else noticed this? (And I noticed my party's ping went down too, when we switched to the further away servers.)

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that sounds strange, hanve't played much recently, so I can say if i have had that problem, but if you still have seen that problem i could connect to my game and check

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Yeah. But weirdly my ping is what it says it should be on the main menu when I play private matches. 

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