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Is Rust game still under attack by hackers like this asshole ?

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I was having so much fun in this game but after few hours my  worst gaming experience started. I was keep getting killed and hunted from out of no where and worst thing is I got killed by an hacker not a normal player who plays fair.

This game it's  survival  open world game you either  team up with other players or go on solo to build your own house and craft items and also you need a food to keep yourself alive and to get a food you need to do hunting and you always need to keep your eyes open from other players because in this game anyone is able to kill you and loot your item and also you need to make sure to build a fine house to prevent it from get looted by other players. 

That it so fun and cool but my main issue with this game it's a bloody hackers I hate when they are able to blow up your house entirely while you work for it for  3 or even 4 hours to finish it's construction also another worst thing it's while you are chopping a trees or gathering stuff for your crafting or clothing you get killed out of no where and it turns out there is a bloody hacker in a server.


I really wanted to play this game more but I give up on it few months ago and I was wondering if any of you angry army members still playing this game and running to the hackers still ?

did developers of this game get rid of the hackers for good or it is still targeted by bloody hackers ?  :mellow:  :angry:  -_-



I ran into one of the videos from this game on YouTube and guess what it was from one of the hackers who had so much fun ruining a game for other players and this is exactly a way I die by hackers  


oops title still not steal lol

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There are still hackers on Rust, but not many. I played with one the other day who used an aimbot and thought he was the shit.

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Every game has its share of hackers. DayZ and Rust are alike in the sense that one person can ruin an entire server.


It's bound to happen, but giving attention to these people just makes them successful in what they were trying to do. No need to bring up such bad feelings!

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