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Favorite game of all time

59 posts in this topic

So hard, so many damn awesome games. I think I'll go with Borderlands 2 though for my #1. Why? Because it's the only game I can play for hours on end three years after it's release.

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Gears of war 1-3

Mass effect


Tom Clancy games

Resident Evil 1-4 and outbreak series


Because you can't just have one :P

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OMG! someone mentioned a Suikoden game! Pure genius! I loved that game so much, one of my favorite RPG's ever. 

One of my top games as well.


Speaking of my top five

  1. Baldurs Gate 2
  2. Suikoden 2
  3. Ogre Battle 64 Person of Lordly Caliber
  4. Bastion
  5. Mark of the Ninja

I think I'll have to switch Mark of the Ninja for Der Langrisser.....or maybe Ring of Red. I've played too many games I should just move to a top 50.

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I will always fangirl over anything by ID Software, so Final Doom is my personal #1 (I say final doom because it included Doom 1, 2, and 2 more sets of levels beyond)

Aside from the all glorious Doom....

1) Final Doom

2) CoD:BO (Simply because of how many hours upon hours I spent/still spend playing Zombies)

3) Dragon Age: Origins

4) Starcraft (and Brood War)

5) Borderlands 2

6) Quake 3 Arena

7) Carmageddon 2

8) Bulletstorm

9) Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun

10) Rock Band 3


Shut up, I love music rhythm games.

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Half Life 2, no "ifs" "ands" or "buts". For me it still holds rank as the most awesome game ever made. And the only game I've played beginning to end more than a dozen times.

I won't go into "the discussion". Everyone knows anytime ___ is mentioned Gabe pushes development back six months.

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It's pretty hard for me to choose just one so I'll make that has no order and please know that I wasn't a gamer in the 80's or the 90's (mostly because I wasn't around in the 80's and I was still a kid in the 90's):


The Last of us

Red dead: Redemption 

Mass effect 2

Total war: Shogun 2 

Civ V: BNW 

Dark souls (kicked my ass 100s of times but I love it) 

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As a child, my favorite game was Final Fantasy 6. I hadn't played anything like it before and it was the first game to draw me in with it's story and turn based play style.  It remains the one game I've beaten from beginning to end the most times. 

Nowadays, my favorite is Skyrim which I've sunk 2700 hours into and yes, that's largely because of the modability of the game. You can make it incredibly challenging, add free DLC sized mods, or even weird it up if you like and I've even made a few little mods of my own. 

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FF6 was super Amazing. Loved that game. Here's my list BTW: 


Suikoden 1&2

Chrono Trigger

Star Ocean 2

FF7 (sorry to be cliche)

MGS series

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