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Tera Expansion inbound before years end

4 posts in this topic

Things coming in the expansion


Which shall be at no cost!!!!!!!!!


increase level cap to 65

New Gear (No new Tiers) just more Tier 15 gear

2 New Battle Grounds

5 New Dungoens

Removal of some of the older Dungeons

Guild Housing

Opening up of the Northern area of The Shara Continent

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Please post a link to this news if available so i can read it. Google brings up nothing concrete.

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The update is coming in three releases


The first was released in Korea on the 23rd of July: This is copy and paste From A certain Tera Index


The Forgotten Continent

The Archdevas are plotting something in the lands beyond the Great Rift, slowly but surely gathering their army for their grand scheme. The Valkyon Federation has formed a scouting party to prevent their plans from taking fruit. They board the airship, Elkaia, and head towards the forgotten continent in the North but they are soon under attack and have little choice but to crash land into the dense jungles below.

From there more trouble arises…

I. Cap Raise and a New Area

  • New cap at level 65 and the unveiling of Northern Arun
  • New open world maps and BAMs

Primeval Forest

In a pursuit for freedom a small Anon resistance group has evaded the eyes of the Archdevas and their own Anon Tribe to set up camp in the Primeval Forest. But in resistance group is met with another dilemma when the original inhabitants of the forest, the cannibalistic Mantis Tribe, provide a not-so-warm welcome to their arrival.


Barakania Heights

The Archdevas with the Anon Tribe lead the Demokrons into the sacred lands to obtain the Knowledge of Orin, Arcana and Naia. To protect the land from the incoming threat the Barakas and the small Anon resistance group join arms. To make matters worse there are also the goblins who, for their own gains, will take part in this complex battle.


Ancient Barakania Ruins

In the surrounding areas of Baraka’s capital, Iruka, there lies several ruins that have felled due to the forces of the Archdevas and the Arcanons. Try as they might to preserve these ruins their efforts have proved futile and many of their historic ruins have become the Archdevas’ stronghold.


Archdeva Stronghold

The Archdeva Stronghold is under siege by the allied forces. There is no cease fire as they continue their barrage against the Archdevas’ Demokron army. The Valkyon Federation has managed to push into the courtyard but the tides of battle are at a standstill has both sides have no plans of giving up.


Iruka, Baraka’s Capital

Following the promise to their god, Orin, the Baraka’s of Iruka continue to protect the sacred Knowledge of Orin, Arcana and Naia. But the Archdevas threaten to steal away this knowledge and the Barakas had no choice but to hide themselves within the great city in order to protect Arcana and Naia


II. Improved In-Game Systems Daily Playthrough Guide

  • Available from level 60
  • Players will be able to obtain quests related to the new leveling zone
  • Players will receive various rewards by completing the quests listed


Ehancement Crystals 1. New Crystals

The next set of weapon and armour crystals have been added for the new level. The Domineering, Hunters, and Mutinous-type crystals have been merged.

The new crystals can be acquired through the Crystal Box within the game as well as through the Valkyon Scouts reputation credits. Several crystals that were obtainable through the reputation merchants will no longer be obtainable


2. Dual Option Artefacts

New Artefacts which can be placed in either the weapon or armour crystal slots have been added. The Artefacts do not break upon death and posses dual stats. The Artefacts can be created through crystal synthesis using an Artefact Ore and the new weapon/armour crystals without fail. These Artefacts are great in that they posses dual stats but they will be bound to the first piece of equipment they are placed into.


3. Crystal Synthesis System

Players will now be able to use crystals they do not need to create crystals with a different stat. Crystal Synthesis will require 3 crystals of the same colour and rank and will provide a new crystal or Artefact according to the type of crystals used in the process.

The success rate is 100% when using the Artefact Ore.


Enhancement System Refinement

A system made much more convenient with the addition of Enhancement Stones.

  • In the old system players were required to have the same type of gear piece to enchant (ie. boots to enchant boots) but in the new system players can enchant any piece with ease with the addition of the “Enhancement Stone”.
  • Players will be able to break down the existing fodder gear to obtain stones of the same value.
  • The success rate will increase depending on the number of Enhancement Stones used.
  • Similar to existing gear, the Enhancement Stones have ranks of their own and can be obtained through playing the game.
  • Players can obtain the next tier by combining lower tier stones at a rate of 6:1.
  • The stones will accumulate itself onto the piece you are attempting to enchant and when it comes time to break down your used gear you will get back what you had used to enchant.
  • Alkahests will also be revised and will have ranks of their own. The new alkahests can be used to enchant from +1 to 9.
  • The Alkahest and Refined Alkahest will be merged and a new Alkahest rank will also be added

 Coming Soon…!

  • Orca Temple (Hard)
  • Elkaia Airship
  • Elkaia Airship (Hard)




 Chained Swords I

Cooldown: 50sec — Skill Damage: 1,692

Throw chains attached to the swords to pull in surrounding enemies within 21 meters.

  • Empowered Chained Swords: Increase skill damage by 20%
  • Energetic Chained Swords: Reduce skill cooldown by 20%

 Deadly Gamble II

Cooldown: 2min

For the next 20 seconds increase crit rate by 48 but decrease crit resist by 30. During effect duration all melee skill cooldown is halved.

Lancer Skills

 Rallying Cry I

Cooldown: 30sec

For the next 8 seconds greatly increase threat generation. Increase the knockdown and stun resistance of allies within 10 meters.

  • Energetic Rallying Cry: Reduce skill cooldown by 20%
  • Lingering Rallying Cry: Increase skill effect duration by 30%
  • Brilliant Rallying Cry: Reduce MP cost by 150
  • Threatening Rallying Cry: Increase threat generation by 100%

 Enhanced Stand Fast I

Upon successful block, recover 50 RE and increase threat by 1%. Stacks up to 20 times and disappears when you attack.

 Adrenaline Rush II

Cooldown: 2min

For the next 20 seconds increase attack speed by 20%. During skill effect all melee skill cooldown will be halved to gain additional threat.

Slayer Skills

 Jaw Breaker I

Cooldown: 10sec — Skill Damage: 2,942

Strike upwards with your swords to break the enemy’s jaw. Chains with other skills to speed cast time.

  • Empowered Jaw Breaker: Increase skill damage by 25%
  • Powerlinked Jaw Breaker: Increases skill damage for the next chain skill by 25%: Overhand Strike

 Swift Overhand Strike I

Enhance Overhand Strike when In Cold Blood buff is active.

 Evasive Roll II

Cooldown: 4sec

You can Evasive Roll twice within 4 seconds.

Berserker Skills

 Bull Charge

Cooldown: 10sec — Skill Damage: 1,762

A charging skill. Swings your axe forward in an arc to knockdown enemies. Cast time can be sped up when chained after a continuous attack.

  • Powerlink Bull Charge: Increases charge speed for the next chain skill by 25%
  • Brilliant Bull Charge: Reduce MP cost by 20%
  • Energetic Bull Charge: Reduce skill cooldown by 25%

 Tomahawk I

Cooldown: 16sec — Skill Damage: 2,726

Throw your axe towards an enemy within 17 meters.

  • Brilliant Tomahawk: Reduce MP cost by 150
  • Swift Tomahawk: Increase combat movement speed by 20 for 15 seconds


Cooldown: 5min

When receiving a fatal blow, for the next 8 seconds you will be unable to heal and your HP will remain at 1. However if the player receives damage greater than their max HP they will die.

  • Energetic Immortality: Reduce skill cooldown by 20%
  • Lingering Immortality: Increases skill effect duration by 20%

Sorcerer Skills

 Arcane Explosion

Cooldown: 16sec — Skill Damage: 5,245

Detonate charged MP causing AoE damage within 6 meters of caster. Increase resistance to knockdown and stun by 50% during charge.

  • Carving Arcane Explosion: Increase crit rate for the next 4 seconds by 2 times
  • Grounding Arcane Explosion: Increase endurance by 20% for 15 seconds

 Spatial Distortion

Cooldown: 10sec

Distort the space around you to absorb damage. Recover 3% of total MP per hit taken.

  • Energetic Spatial Distortion: Reduce skill cooldown by 20%

Archer Skills

 Draconic Arrow

Cooldown: 50sec — Skill Damage: 4,820

Shoot an arrow in a straight line up to 24 meters infront while pushing away enemies in its line of path. Elite mobs and BAMs cannot be pushed back.

  • Empowered Draconic Arrow: Increase the skill damage by 20%


Cooldown: 30sec

Recover 350 MP. Immune to stuns and status effects for 5 seconds.

  • Balancing Tenacity: Increases balance by 1.5 times for 15 seconds
  • Energetic Tenacity: Reduce skill cooldown by 20%

Priest Skills

 Gods Breath

Cooldown: 15sec — Skill Damage: 3,301

Attack enemies 18 meters infront damaging all in its line of path. All enemies hit by this skill, excluding Elite and BAMs, will be lifted into the air for a short period of time.

  • Energetic Gods Breath: Reduce skill cooldown by 20%
  • Brilliant Gods Breath: Reduce MP cost by 100
  • Empowered Gods Breath: Increase skill damage by 25%

 Hand of Salvation

Cooldown: 24sec

Pull one party or raid member towards you from within 24 meters. Use the skill to select the player then press the skill again to activate.

  • Longshot Hand of Salvation: Increase effective range by 4 meters

Mystic Skills


Cooldown: 2min

Reduce the endurance of one enemy within 18 meters by 5% and applies a disease effect of 15,086 every second. The disease will spread to surrounding enemies. When applied to players the skill will reduce healing effects by 50% with lowered damage. Caster does not enter combat.

  • Lingering Miasma: Increases skill effect duration by 20%

 Esoteric Energy

Cooldown: 8sec — Skill Damage: 3,301

Throw a ball of energy which rebounds back to its user. Damages enemies within its path while healing allies for 2,439 HP. Heal amount depends on the user’s HP restoration stats.

  • Brilliant Esoteric Energy: Reduces MP cost by 225
  • Energetic Esoteric Energy: Reduces skill cooldown by 20%

Reaper Skills

  Shadow Cloak

Cooldown: 5min

Disappear into the darkness while dropping all threat caused by the user for 8 seconds. The skill is cancelled when a skill is used or damage is taken.

  • Lingering Shadow Cloak: Increases skill effect duration by 50%

Alliance Vault Update and New PvP Accessories Alliance Vault (Solo)

When entering the Alliance Vault, support buffs will be applied to aid classes such as the Priest and Mystic. A buff that will best aid the player will be applied (Instructor’s Whip or Instructor’s Sweets).



Sunturn, Sandturn, Seaturn set rings and earrings, Blood-soaked Hero’s Belt, Noctenium Infusion, Vault Ticket

Coloseum Battleground


III. New Instance Dungeons (61, 64) Archdeva Armoury

In an effort to disband the Archdeva imperial army, the allied forces sends out a scouting party to the Dimensional Rift only to find the secret laboratory where the Demokrons were being empowered.

  • Feature: An easy going dungeon where players can enter with ease while leveling
  • Recommended Gear: +9 or higher Devastator, Zenith accessories or better
  • Rewards: Master Glyphs


Demokron Laboratory


IV. New End-Game Instance Dungeons (65) Harukia Sanctuary

A large mysterious bird, Harukia, calls this sanctuary home. Humans blinded by greed has entered the sanctuary in an attempt to make the land their own but they have yet to succeed…

  • Feature: A 3-person instance not restricted by class
  • Recommended Gear: +12 Archetype, Archetype accessories
  • Rewards: Darkan’s Gem (cannot be traded), Harukia accessories (BoP), Haruka’s Feather (tradable, crafting material), Vision Seedling (tradable, crafting material)


Orca Temple

  • Feature: Newest level 65 instance
  • Recommended Gear: +12 Archetype, Archetype accessories
  • Rewards: Elkaia set (BoP), Deep Sea Angler Sting (tradable, crafting material), Vision Seedling (tradable, crafting material)


Coming Soon…!

  • Orca Temple (Hard)
  • Elkaia Airship
  • Elkaia Airship (Hard)


All of the above was added to the game on July 23rd 2014 in Ktera. Also based on forum post all classes recieved a 20% damage increase except Reapers with the 23rd patch

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And how many elin exclusive classes/costumes/etc etc will it have?


It's a decent game, but the elin bias just ruins it for me tbh, it's like the devs don't give a damn about the other races at all :s

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