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Alien Isolation already having DLC's

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I mean should the game not come out before they started making DLC's or am i just wrong on this one here. 

Personally i don't think it's gonna affect the game that much, but still odd to see DLC before the game even is out.

But for the DLC, it seems as an interesting thing, although you can't be suprised by most of the deaths, because we know that everyone else than Ripley is gonna die. 

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They're giving these to people who buy that special edition for free. What they're doing isn't anything new, other companies have been doing it since last gen. Watch Dogs had Pre-Order DLC, and so on. I'm not saying that it's ok for them to do this, but this shouldn't surprise anybody.


Yes, the game has to come out before they say anything about DLC. But I think since these companies are trying to think ahead of themselves, they make the DLC at some point when most of the game is "done". Like these level designers/artists/employees who have finished their part for the main game, have them work on the DLC.

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TB has had a long talk about "Day one DLC". There's basically a point after they finish the game, when the game itself is ready and is being sent out to shops. That usually marks the game as "Content complete", at that point they can start developing DLC. The games usually stay in the shops for a week or two before the release date hits and then if they managed to complete the DLC then it turns into day 1 DLC that's OK. Because it was developed after finishing the game on separate funds. The problems come if it's on-disc DLC or if the DLC's size is like 1/4th of the actual game (Basically the DLC is too large for them to have finished it between the time of finishing and releasing the game.). If it's a 0.5-1 hour story with the assets used from the game itself (And the main game is like 10 hours+.) and some new characters and stuff. I think they can do it. But only if its size is reasonable.

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LOL And Activision wants to make up excuses to their shareholders in the decline of pre-orders?


News flash Publisher's - I now by 100% of my games 9 months to a year after launch. I buy the "Game of the Year Edition" or whatever they feel like calling it that includes all DLC and every other goody for $29.99 - $39.99


Now Mr. Publisher, get on the Stockholder call and tell them the truth. That the gaming consumer is the smartest consumer in America and realized we were ripping them off with our pre-order program and now have adjusted the purchasing schedules to take advantage of this.

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