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Community Frag Vids

3 posts in this topic

Hello fellow AJSA-ers, I thought we could use a thread for random frag videos made by members of our community. I'll start out with two of mine. I've only ever made two CS:GO videos. I should probably make more, but I don't get too many moments that I feel like putting in the effort to make an actual video, since YouTube takes ages to process. >=(


Anyway, I'll link both of my videos here, and here. The first is a 1v4 AWP clutch I had gotten quite some time ago in a random MM game. The second is a VERY short video detailing an extremely random and lucky headshot I got through a smoke while playing in an ESEA PUG.

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i need to make some vids, i always forget to turn on afterburner to record my session

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Oh, I've been making some videos too.

That's my newest one I've uploaded. Feel free to check out some videos on my channel too, I have a few csgo ones.

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