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BioShock Parody game serious talk needed!

3 posts in this topic

Ok now let's try and make this fair and as simple as possible. I am not saying anyone should go view/play the BioShock Parody game. However if you want to talk about and reply to this topic I think it would make sense.


I was watching a youtube video and was surprized to see that the developer of  the last game Ken something was mad that there was so much porn based on his main female char for the game.

I couldn't care less what he thinks so I looked it up and played the game. Now it is a adult game, at first I was interested in the game and then I very quickly became angry. Why did this game make me angry you ask? The quality of this game puts most games being put out today to SHAME!


This parody has better graphics, smoother gameplay and voiceovers then most games I see being sold now! Are you serious? This guy that made it doesn't even have a large budget and he is making better games then these big companies.

So I would really like to hear some thoughts on this because it's just sad how good this game is.

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That game is in the realm of fair use, so nothing to rage there. But, quality is another story. Anyone can create a game, but it takes skill to create a good one. The quality all depends on the developer/ developers skill levels and the person who made that parody game has both the talent and the time. There is nothing to rage here which hasn't already been brought up before.  

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I think your talking about Zone-sama which if that's the case don't be surprised. I don't know how he's able to use Flash and whatnot so well but by god is he good at it. Plus all of his parodies are always good for a laugh..or other things.

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