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Yesterday (23rd August) the AJSA ran it’s 10th official operation named “MAXimum Decimation” in which the start of the operation the two platoons first lead by Darktemplar and second platoon by Puttymon  dropped on Aurixcom Substation on Amerish which was successful captured. Command made special interest into securing this base which we did though the sheer number the AJSA had at it’s disposal and the precise timing of the drop.

After the preliminary assault Platoon one was tasked with securing Mekala Auxiliary Compound while second platoon was ordered to defend Aurixcom substation, unfortunately there was a miscommunication between squad leads resulting in Platoon being unable to cap the point they were tasked with taking. This communication error was due to a larger number of people using command chat in the teamspeak, this issue was soon sorted and Platoon one soon re-deployed to Aurixcom substation to push the assaulting NC back from the base. We were met with equal force of these highly trained and organised outfits, even against these odds the AJSA still managed to secure the base in true Terran Republic style.   

Once we had pushed the NC back the majority of Mekala Auxiliary Compound where a large scale engagement ensued where platoon one was held outside the base for over 15 minutes and was not able to capture the objective, while two of the squads assaulted the NC who were more experienced than most of the members of the attacking force there was another miscommunication between the platoon one lead and the Bravo squad lead meaning that Bravo re-deployed to ghost capping two surrounding bases which didn’t help our cause at Mekala Auxiliary Compound.

Command then moved the outfit over to fight the VS at West Pass Watchtower where we were met with extreme resistance from the defending force, when we arrived at West Pass Watchtower we were almost successful in taking the facility against two to one odds, however just before achieved our objective with only three minutes remaining the VS force MAX crashed us out of the base and we were not able to repeat the offensive again with the same effectiveness as before.

After deliberation by the squad and platoon leads the outfit was ordered to redeploy to Hossin as it was believed that we would have more success on that continent in actuality there was little to no resistance on Hossin resulting in a ghost cap by the hand of the AJSA, While on Hossin the command called the operation off but not before the an elite team from ZAPS,GOKU and DA attacked AJSA in full force.


The race was a cross continent harasser race where a requirements for winning was to cross the finish line first with a MAX as a passenger who would be picked up at the halfway point.


The winners of our 12th official racing league event are:


1st Place: sayhimatt - leany







If you have any interesting to share about the event, or any videos/screenshots post down below .

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