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What should be nerfed in SC2?

6 posts in this topic

Just now it got me thinking what do us as a community think should be nerfed by blizzard next?

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I think the game is pretty good currently but thats just me :)

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I think the game is fine. Needs some subtle tweaks, and Zerg Swarm Host static defense needs to be fixed. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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It seems the most talked about thing nowadays is ZvT and the effects of the widow mine. But in all honesty, as a Zerg player, even to me, ZvT feels balanced. Even before in WoL, when Protoss dominated (for all 3 months during it's life span  :lol:  ) Zerg adapted, and came up with the silly baneling drops over the Protoss Death Ball, among other answers. Such as the TLO zergling swarm, denying third, straight into muta. I think Day9 actuall covered it back in the day.
Zerg generally tends to find a way to adapt to a situation.

Something I'd actually give a consideration into is Terran mech, since you only rarely see it at high level play in ZvT, and on some occasions TvT. Though there it's just slightly more common. TvP however, at the moment just seems stagnant and just nearly the same as it was years ago. Even with Jim's short lived new Protoss way of dealing with Bio which was Colossus+Phoenix didn't do too much to change the feel or meta of the game. Even if it was mildly successful.
It seems that Terran can only go Bio Medivac, and then just respond accordingly with either ghosts, or vikings.

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