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Dr. Xeno Pootis

How to increase FPS and reduce lag - The right way

3 posts in this topic

Hello, this mini guide is to help with PS2 players play smoothly and optimize their settings correctly.

1: Tweaking

Before we jump into actual game settings, there is one thing that causes your performance to blunder, which is found in the following: C:/ to program files (X86) to steam to steamapps to common to Planetside 2 and then scroll down until you find the file named UserOptions. Open it up and again scroll down until you find the section that says terrian. Set the line where it says RenderFlora to off. This will help quite a bit, as your computer's CPU runs it along with other minor things, so turning RenderFlora off allows your CPU to have a bit more power to run the game.

2: Game Settings

Sigh, here we go. This long section.

Surprisngky, the game is very cpu heavy, a little on your gpu. So to convert some power from CPU to GPU, you have to increase your graphics. Yeah I know, a big surprise, but however this method increased my performance by a lot. To see FPS, do alt+F. This wikl tell you how much fps your CPU and GPU has.

You should set everything to high except for flora and shadow quality, those are to be set to off or low. This way, the game still look amazing while having good performance.

Now, here is the big performsnce boost: Adjust your render quality to 80 or 90%, it may look a tiny bit blurry but it performs so well. Also, changing your FOV to 60 or 70 will help drastically as well, due to the matter of fact your FOV is the amount of world you can see. You should also lower resolution to your preferences, as lower resolutions load fewer pixels than higher resolutions. The render distance also goes for render quality, as render distance is for how distant you can see objects, ONLY.

However, if you dont care about graphics and want the most fastest game ever, turn all graphic settings to low or even off if you can, as well adjust render quality, render distance, FOV, and resolution.

So I hope you enjoy my somewhat short guide to enhance your experience and have fun.

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Some nice tipps, thanks.  Though, I am a little hesitent when it comes to view distance and FOV, as they do effect you're game play more then how pretty everything is. 

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In regards to the tweaking section, if you installed Planetside 2 without using steam, the filepath to useroptions.ini will be here:

C:\Users\Public\Sony Online Entertainment\Installed Games\PlanetSide 2


This isn't so much for increasing performance, as utilizing a feature of the game to improve situational awareness:

For shadows, if you can handle it, I highly suggest running at medium. Medium is when you start seeing shadows of vehicles and infantry, and there have been times where I see the shadow of a light assault on a nearby building, or the shadow of a galaxy I otherwise wouldn't have noticed

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