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Kingdom The Republic

4 posts in this topic

So we at Seraphim Creations have launched a new game project called "Kingdom The Republic" Take a look.


Why is the game interesting and what sets it apart you ask? This game is our biggest project yet and uses 100% custom retro graphics, a retro Roman world, once again we are doing something that has never been done before.

This is not a fantasy game, far from it, you play as the great general Gaius Marius in his war with the Chimbri.

True RPG game, you have a war to fight, you must equip your men, feed them, and lead them into battle.


But most of all just take a look at the games we have done. How we have managed to make so many good games with such a small budget and still offer the best rewards on Kickstarter!

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You are not asking for much, I'll grant you that, but the scarce information and the very poor graphics (calling ugly sprites "retro", does not make them anymore appealing) is a instant turnoff and I would never back it in a million years. I am totally fine with 16-bit, but any lower and you damn well better have some compelling arguments or visual presentation to win me over.


But that is what I dont get, it seems to be made in RPG Maker (or very similar game creator/engine), yet you dont use the included assets or some from the 3 previous games you have on kickstarter (which have their own custom sprites, judging from the kickstarter goals). It would have been a much better reprensentation, even if you were going to have someone create proper assets later on (with funding). It was merely idle curiosity that lead me to see what the "proven track record" consisted of and honestly, I could easily see myself playing the two Kingdom Clan's games.


I would highly recommend that you flesh out any future kickstarters, take the extra step and think further ahead than just a superfical idea. More info such as what the artstyle is going to be (perhaps rough scetches?), details to the story, because the Roman empire was a big place and I doubt that you could fit Gaius Marius' life into a 5+ hour game nvm, somehow missed the Chimbri-part. Also are you going the historical path? with events preordained or will the player be able to influence the outcome and if so, how? Mechanics?, some thoughts on how the player is going to manage the army, both in and out of combat, would help alot, is the combat grid based (TRPG), do you only control the overall movements of the army, or is unit based and would such units represent maniples or cohorts? and so on.


I havent played your games, so I will/cannot comment on how well your combat or storyline have been in those games, I can only judge by the graphics that the other kickstarters include and sincerly think you have done yourself a disservice in the current one.


Would I play this?:




Sure, I'd give it a go.


Would I play this?:


No.. not really.

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I agree with everything said above.



You are not asking for much, I'll grant you that,

That's another problem for me. You are asking for such a small amount of money that I don't even see why it would be needed for the project. I don't like to support anything with such a small goal. 1/3 is going to go to fees and giving someone $50 to say a few lines?



(calling ugly sprites "retro", does not make them anymore appealing)

Those really are hideous and are making a very poor showing of the product, which is a huge problem when they are going to be your main selling point since you gave such little information about the project. I know much better can be done on RPG Maker and some 8-Bit RPGs look much more visually appealing than that.

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Good questions. Since there are so many more RPG maker games on Kickstarter these days when some people see the default graphics they are instantly turned off. Also the default graphics do not have assests for a Roman style game so we had to create them ourselves.

As far as people liking our other games we always offer them in the rewards so that is never a problem. And for saying they are ulgy that is just a personal pref, some people like a retro DOS style.

And the money was clearly stated as being used for the char art, facesets, busts. It might not sound like a lot of money to you lol, but it is a lot of money to us, and to all the asian artists we hire it is a LOT of money.


Some more info is needed about the story, it followes history but I will add more for those that do not know about it.

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