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New Patch 1.41.33

5 posts in this topic

So Far, All I have seen is a few buggy trees falling down and nothing done with the weapons or anything fixed besides the FM of both the Wellington and the Yers. Of course I haven't noticed anything else since my weapons still sparkle. It has also been said that they will give back the engine injections for those low tier planes for free over the next 4 days....

What are your guys thoughts on the patch? Did they do anything or did they just screw the game even more?


For those who want a video explanation, here is a visual link. 

Edited by Gobu
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Well... atleast the stalinium tree's no longer damage my tank like a 500kg bomb, with a simple touch...

But oh boy... Still holding out, in hopes patch 1.42 will be the golden one. If not, I'll probably be looking for the uninstall button.

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Find it funny, that Wargaming will release something with .3 faster than Gaijin. xD

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That tree physics is hilarious what a great joke. IT'S NOT A JOKE. What do you mean did you see it was ridiculous. IT'S ACTUALLY IN THE GAME. Really? Really? well shit.

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lol, Dem rubber trees. They got nerfed hard. Trees will now rage on the forums!!!! 

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