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12 Angry Men movie review. Phoenix Wright learns from this movie.

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After seeing Locke, the movie that just takes place in a car, I stumbled upon 12 Angry Men which uses a similar style of taking place in 1 location. It's from 1957 and people regards it as a classic. I can see why. Although to be honest, the title is kind of misleading. Only 3 people in the movie are angry men. The others are quite nice and well mannered people.

The story in the movie is quite simple. A kid is convicted of murder, and his fate of guilty or not guilty hangs in the decision of 12 juries. When the voting is called in, only juror number 8 says not guilty, and the next hour is spent on him debunking every evidence presented in the trial. Awesomeness ensues.

The acting in this movie is excellent. Each juror has their own characterization and everyone is very believable in their performance. 8 is the prime supporter of a not guilty verdict, while 3 is for guilty. Just seeing 8 questioning every evidence and witness testimony, ohoho man it was so awesome. It's like watching Phoenix Wright as a juror against 11 jurors.

Unlike Phoenix, 8 is a lot more cool and subtle. For example: one of the evidence pointed out in the murder is the murder weapon. A switchblade which the suspect have. It is believed that the knife has a unique pattern and that it's very rare to find one. Then 8 takes out another switchblade from his pocket and slams it down the table, and it has the same pattern that he bought from a pawn shop for $6.

Holy king of badass. That took balls. I can hear this song during that scene.

The most impressive thing about the movie is that all 8 have is just a possibility. All the answers he gave are just a rebuttal to the evidence, and it's unclear whether the kid really did kill his father or someone else did it. The rebuttals however are very convincing, convincing enough that it makes the other jurors change their vote from guilty to not guilty. Damn this movie is both suspenseful and awesome.

Overall, a classic courtroom drama movie. And it definitely influences the awesome Phoenix Wright series.

10 out of 10.

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