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Apex Spartan

Real life Skyrim

9 posts in this topic

This may be my new favorite thing on the internet.

Haha yeah, fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.

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Wonder what enchants he has on that electric toothbrush.

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Ok, let me nitpick this for a second. 
She is asking you, to walk her to Chipotle for a taco before a meeting. Why can she not walk herself? Is she scared to go outside of the building alone? And even if that is so, how did she get in to where she is now in the first place? Plus. who gets a Chipotle taco before going to meeting? Is she trying to get fired or something? Another thing, why would she think it's important to say "I will not offer you any kind of reward and you will gain no experience" to you? Does she think this will help her to get you to walking her to Chipotle?  Ok, that's enough nitpicking


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Possibly the best compilation images of awesome I have ever seen that's real life related. I seriously want an Elder Scrolls game that takes place in modern times now.

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Omg! This is so awesome! I love it!


I'm too obsessed with Skyrim - when one of my neighbours closes their doors it sounds like I've just levelled up a skill! It's pretty awesome because I'll be doing something and then hear that and feel like I just levelled up doing whatever I was doing! Haha <3

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