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IMPORTANT!: AJSA 3v3 Reschedule - Guidelines, Rules, Schedule

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The AJSA 3v3 Tournament will be pushed back to a week from now to start on Sunday the 21st instead of today, below I have written up the schedule and some things note.


AJSA 3v3 Tournament Schedule, Guidelines, and Rules


Sign ups and Team Rosters - Teams must sign up and join on the official AJSA site here - http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/tournaments/details/30-3v3-smite-tournament/

- Team size will be a maximum of 3, as this is a 3v3 Joust Tourney

- Team Leaders may sign up by themselves so long as they have listed their two other team members in their team description. HOWEVER all team members must have joined the team by the 2nd day of the Tourney (Thursday) or their match up will be counted as a loss. There is little excuse as to why everyone cannot take 5 minutes to join their team on the forums by that time considering you can share your information on the day of your first match. (And if you arent able to get together before Thursday you are probably screwed anyways /evil laugh)


Unregistered Players -

- If you have a full team of 3 and a player not listed on your team plays with you on the first day, it will be allowed. HOWEVER That player will now be considered on your roster and you will have to update your team roster accordingly, adding the new player and removing the player that did not participate. Due to the open scheduling of the tourney (look below) back up players should not be needed. 

- If a player not listed with your roster plays with your team on the 2nd day or after, your teams match up will be counted as a loss. However under certain circumstances it may be allowed by officer decision. If a member of your team is unable to play during the main schedule you should refer to the rescheduling guidelines below.


Main Schedule -

Day 1 (8 teams) Sunday, September 21st. Start time: 12pm PST/ 3pm EST/ 7pm GMT. Best of 3

Day 2 (Final Four) Thursday, September 25th. Start Time: Same. Best of 3

Day 3 (Championship) Sunday September 28th: Start Time: Same. Best of 5

Expect best of 3 match ups to be around 1 hour long and 2 hours at the most

Expect the best of 5 match up to be less than 2 hours long and 3 hours at the most

The brackets for which teams are facing which will be decided and by Day 1 of the tourney start.


Match Rescheduling -

If a team is not able to attend their match up at the given time, that team and their opponents may reschedule their matches at any time so long as they complete their match up before the start of the next match up. Example - in this case if a team wasnt able to make it on the first Sunday, they may reschedule their matches at any time so long as they finish before Thursday at 3pm EST.

- Incomplete match ups: In the event that a team is unable to complete all games in a best of 3 or 5, they may reschedule their final matches on another day in the same manner stated above. If a team declines or fails to at least attempt a reschedule they will be disqualified. If both teams are completely unable to reschedule the match up will be decided by the following

       - If the score is 1-1, the team with the quickest victory will be declared winners. If the score is 1-0, it will left up to officer decision based on details including the match details and which team had to withdraw.


Starting matchups early -

Winning teams may start their match ups early so long as the winner of their associated match up has also been decided. Example: Team 1 is vs Team 2. Team 3 is vs Team 4. Team 1 wins their match up. Team 4 wins their match up. Team 1 and 4 may now start their matches at any time so long as it follows the basic match rescheduling guidelines. Further example. Team 1 and 4 finished their respective match ups on Sunday, they can start the matches between them on Monday if they so desired (or even the same day they completed their previous battles).


I am aware there may be some loopholes in this guideline and that some rules that may be undesirable but I trust the AJSA to have good sportsmanship on the matter. Many of these rules are in place simply to have a point of reference to be prepared and organized to keep the tourney running smoothly and I do not expect to have to use some of them.


Side note - I realize Thursday is an odd day for many people. If enough people desired, we may reschedule day 2 to be on Wednesday or Friday, depending on what people find most liking. Even though there is rescheduling, I would prefer the official dates and times be as optimal as possible for everyone. Please post in the comments if you desire a change.


May I see you all in glorious battle! - Burbles

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