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What is your top 3 Phoenix Wright cases? Spoilers unavoidable.

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I was just thinking of this after experiencing Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright. The Phoenix Wright series is filled to the brim with epic cases that makes you eager to finish and catch the culprit. For those that has played the games, what are your top 3 favourite cases and why?

This is mine in no particular order.

1) The last case in Trials and Tribulations. The only case which involves a ghost, plus exorcising that ghost into oblivion at the end. And when this song is played,

Awesomeness ensues. Double finger pointing in the end: holy shit.

2) Last Witch Trial from Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright. This trial is fucking insane in all the right ways. 10 witnesses, a bombastic plot twist Professor Layton style that's actually the most plausible out of all his games, the last inquisitor's appearance, and an epic conclusion that's so worth the effort and gives everyone involved in the case a truly happy ending. Plus finger pointing = saving 2 girls from falling to their doom. Epic.

3) The last trial in Dual Destinies. Dayum this trial is epic. Doing the trial in a destroyed courtroom, you learn about the mystery of the cause of Blackquil's imprisonment, the first time the mood matrix increases in number, BREAKING BLACK PSYCHE LOCKS, saving the accused by using the great Revisualization that turns a seemingly hopeless case on it's head, and it features one of the best villain in the entire Ace Attorney series. Oh, and triple finger pointing to finish off the culprit. Fucking badass.

Side note: hm, I thought this is a general topic since there's iPhone games of the series.

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