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AV comparatives - real world protection (malware!) - march to june 2014

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^ 2 FREE antiviruses that do better then my paid Kaspersky? Their ain't no justice! Well at least it is still near the top of the list.

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Panda surprised me tbh. I knew Bitdefender was among the best though... I hate AVG with a passion from it crashing so many Vista PC's back in the day.. but I guess it looks like they're doing better these days at least.

Where's Symantec with Norton software? They're a better antivirus / antimalware than McAfee... but... The guy who started McAfee? John McAfee? Is the most interesting man in the world tbh.

If you have time to read about John McAfee? You... NEED to reed this. :)



^ John McAfee in the middle, some of his bodyguards and some of his girlfriends. This guy... is both nuts, and a genius hahaha.

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2 FREE antiviruses that do better then my paid Kaspersky?


most of AV tests are  not done right with only a hand full of malware in a short run at a specific date.


av comparative  (university of innsbruck austria) tests every day over a 4 month period with lots of day zero malware.

4 months testing = end result.


maybe kapersky has not auto-updated itself at ONE or TWO days.

av comparative says: all av software runs on default settings with auto updates.


in a test from august to november 2013 kapersky was at first place.



Where's Symantec with Norton software?


they tested it back in 2011 with very good results (1st place) but not nowadays anymore.

there is a short  test in march 2013 and norton scored LESS then microsoft MSE cause of  missing 8,8% "samples" (thats alot).

maybe there will be in future a test again over 4 months norton included.


JOHN MC AFEE :blink:

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Well, it looks really nice.
I've heard good things about panda for years, though I've never tried it.
I trust Kaspersky since it disinfected a machine other free AVs couldn't even find, and even if it's not at the top, I find the results satisfactory.
Thanks for sharing.

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i used lots of malware guards / scanners - whatever in the last 10+ years (from norton up to avira and back)

and currently running panda  free 15.0.1.

its very performant and does not significant slowing down the system (i have PUP disabled).

but i remember using panda in a much older version (2.0?)  some years ago and  it was crap.


final verdict: changing AV programs sometimes is the best choice :D

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