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Ranks Updated in guild.

6 posts in this topic

I just tweaked the ranks around so that Sergeants were above Veterans then tossed them the ability to edit the message of the day to make it easier to inform people of events and whatnot.


Having said that, there is a good chance that some Sergeants were demoted to Veteran, and I am also pretty damn sure there are members who should be promoted to Veterans (the requirement are listed under AJSA Chain of Command - Ranks )

if you are the wrong rank, please let me (@Jackschmit) or a officer know, or just post something here and I will get to it ASAP.


If you have any interest in taking a more active role in the guild (promotion to Sergeant) , please let anyone Sergeant rank or above know. I can use all the help I can get!

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Yeah i can do this but we are like 5 active members in this guild.

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Well we have a little more then that. (although I admit, not a whole lot more) I feel the biggest problem we face is that most of us have drifted away thought the summer while we were without leadership. I would like to get a regular event going (even if it's only once a month) but the biggest problem I face is contacting people. Without knowing what people want to do, when they want to do it, it is impossible to get anything started.


When I was 1st promoted to Sergeant (about 1 week before I was promoted to guild overseer) I attempted to start a event that I wanted to do (PVP) without really checking for interest, or for that matter having our guild home campaign set. 1 other guy showed up, and another came in after we were underway for an hour or so. Clearly that was a bad idea. So clearly nobody has any interest in PVP 'till we bulk up some numbers.


The trouble is is that because we (the AJSA in ESO) have been inactive for so long that most (if not all) of us started focusing on other guilds to pass the time. So we have only a few people who check the forums or message of the day. I tried to see how many people check by putting up a post on the forum and leaving a message to check it out in the MOTD... I think after 2 weeks I had 5 people (including myself, a sarge and a officer) notice it from within the game.


Clearly we have some work to do, but I still feel with a little elbow grease we can get at least a small event started, then mayhaps recruit some members from within the game to bolster our numbers.


Yeah i can do this but we are like 5 active members in this guild.

Gonna want to speak with you before I dish out promotions. Although I think you may be listed as Member at the moment. I don't have time to change it now but I'll up you to vet when I log in on wed.

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Can you promote me so I can access the guild bank? I did, after all, add a lot of goodies to it around a month ago after someone pinched everything and left it empty.


My guild name is @Shaminar

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@Shaminar of course, you are in fact, Vet rank. As I said, I have not spot checked every player for their rank (because that would take forever, especially  with people who's @name is not the same as their AJSA account. When I log in next in the morning  (within 12 hours of this message) I would be happy to promote you.

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I am going to be addressing the issue of ranks very soon in ESO (NA server).  The biggest problem is correlating the ESO account name with the appropriate AJSA member.


If your guild rank is not correct, please post your ESO account name below and I will make any changes needed.  


Also, as mentioned above, I am going to be looking for some help with some events and would be very interested if anyone wants to champion PvP events.  Again, you can reply below if you are interested or PM me on the site.

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