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Things that could make Destiny better

11 posts in this topic

MOST of these I've suggested on the Bungie forum. No one replied to them : (.


General Ideas

-Sparrow Racing! 

-Ship combat! Why have different, pretty looking ships if we can't fly them ourselves and shoot at enemy ships or other Guardians?

-Or even ship racing.. Flying through the asteroid field, trying to avoid colliding and exploding on a asteroid.

-Other mini-games.. Maybe a Destiny style Pazak.KOTOR 1, remember?

-Allow us the OPTION to ENABLE public chat. We can chat with players in town or on the field.. the game seems so anti-social.

World/Mission Ideas

-We need more UNIQUE missions. What about defending an item or VIP from being killed/destroy under a specific amount of time? What planting explosives, escaping the area before the bombs go off?

-Bungie, stop recycling levels/areas. Each area should be unique from the last one. New name, new look and feel, etc.


Class Ability Ideas


-Allow the Hunter class to set up traps on the ground?

-Allow the Titan to deploy a temporarily turret station?

-Allow the Warlock to deploy a floating eyeball that follows and attacks enemies?

Character Customization

-Allow us to make our helmet invisible so others can see our faces

-Robotic/Exo limbs for Human and Awoken races. Don't tell me a Guardian has never return from battle without a missile arm or leg.


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I can't believe I'm saying this but I would even be happy if new mission types included escort. Anything will do, I am starting to burn out on the strike playlist. Love the game, but eager to see more.

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You have some great suggestions for destiny. Hope Bungie see's them and responds to them.  

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I can't believe I'm saying this but I would even be happy if new mission types included escort. Anything will do, I am starting to burn out on the strike playlist. Love the game, but eager to see more.

YES! More mission variety would be great!

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My main one would be to not having to configure my router to get it to not disconnect on me every hour or so. I did what Bungie said to do and it still won't work for me right. The thing is I didn't have that problem in the alpha or beta so why do I have it now?

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I cant believe they didnt even notice the chat system in warframe.. it wasnt making people lag or being victim of troll.. if people trolled on gen chat of warframe they get kicked out of chat in like 3sec.. and there is even a mute option on groupmates if they are too loud on voice chat.. 




ALso The report system...
What does it do? does it even do anything to the reported people? and even if they do.. Can you report people for quitting when they already left and cannot be found on the rosters anymore?? so are you supposed to be a psychic and report people for quitting before they quit? lolz

Those two things.. i hate.. everything else is good..

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oh and clan list in-game.... i find clan is so useless. you cant even see clanmates online unless they are added as friends... like srsly... it only looks like a forum and id rather use this forum...... clan tag looks good tho..

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New abilities that make the different classes work better together:


Warlock gets an ability that improves their fire team's weapons power

Titan gets an ability that improves the teams shields or defense

Hunter can 'Tag' enemies to reduce their defense for the the whole fire team

Key here is to make it so that these powers stack but only one at a time - so ideally you're always going to want one hunter one warlock and one Titan in your team) 

Could even change how these work depending on Subclass- So voidwalker warlock could make all greandes supers and melee powers do extra damage but sunsinger warlock gives additional power to weapons damage.

Other ideas

Why is there no sword of Crota in multiplayer? Why does this not appear again in any SP mission?

Let us play with some of those Cabal/Hive/Fallen/Vex weapons.

Let us drive a Spider tank.

Let us drive that Big friggin Cabal tank.

Let us take down dropships in said tanks.

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Better clan support. How the hell can you launch a game like this and have it be this way?!? HOW?!

Am I supposed to know 5-6 other people that will play this game on my system at the same times I do all the time?

Most of the heroic bs is impossible for me to do because I can't solo it. There's no way to pick up group it because there is NO matchmaking for simple lv 25 heroics. They aren't even that bad for gods sake. I soloed a few heroic story missions for the queens wrath event this morning and couldn't help thinking that it would be sooooo much better if I had 1-2 other people with me.

But no. It's not a option cuz bungie thinks the game would suck for me. Blah.

/rant over.

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A Diablo style challenge system.

In Game Grimoire.

In game list of clan members who are online.

Notifications for when your friends are playing through the same strike or mission with an open slot.

Vote to skip in the Strike Playlist.

Open chat in the Tower and Patrol areas.

More Fireteam members for hard difficulties (I.E. Weekly Heroic/Nightfall).

More Bounties, so I'm not doing the same ones over and over.

More Character Customization.

Ability to Skip Cutscenes.

Patrol Missions that actually go somewhere, instead of go here, scout this door, thanks. It should be go here, scout this door, infiltrate, steal relic, or something to that nature.

Engram Scaling, if you are in your 20's Green's shouldn't drop anymore, instead Blue's should drop on the regular, with a better chance at Purples, and a super rare chance at Yellows.

Varying Armor and Weapon stats, instead of finding three Legendary Shotguns all with different names, and different elemental damage, but all have the same attack, when I find a gun I would like it to be a hard choice, not just "oh well, dismantle."

Improve Vendors, the Gunsmith shouldn't just sell Greens with the rare Blue, the higher level you get, the only reason to visit him is to get Ammo Synthesis. Maybe have be like Borderlands where he has something unique for an hour or so. Also there should be a Vendor that sells Materials for upgrading that can be bought with like Motes or Marks.

The Cryptarch's Level should matter, as in the higher level he is the less chance you have of downgrading, you get a high chance of it being the same color, and a slightly better chance at upgrading. He should also be able to sell higher level engrams, I'm 27, he has a Cryptarch level of 14 why is he still offering me white engrams?

Strike/Story Bosses should auto drop loot specific to them, the higher the level you defeat them on the better the stats for the item.

Ultras/Majors should have a better loot drop rate than run of the mill Dregs/Goblins/Legoinaires.

Reduce the amount of Special Ammo available in PVP, no one should be able to run around the entire match with their Special Weapon equipped.

Level/Skill based matchmaking in PVP.

Top players in PVP should have a higher chance of receiving loot, with the top player guaranteed loot.

and last but not least Private lobbies in PVP.



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