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Quick, easy glimmer (if you still need it)

3 posts in this topic

There comes a point when gilmmer is useless but until then if you need to get a lot of gilmmer really fast, I have an easy way. 

The only thing you need is a Black Wax Idol and AT LEAST level 8 (although it is better to be level 12+).

What you do is you go to the mood, there on the map, the story mission "Shrine of Oryx" is the mission you want to be on. 

Select the mission and if you are level 12+, set your difficulty to hard. I found it was best to play on Level 12 when I was 20 because I could power through the enemies with ease and yet there is enough enemies to make it worth it. 

When you get on the moon, follow the story through, kill or run past all the Hive and Fallen until you get to a tunnel/hallway after the big room. DinkleBot will go forward and say something like "there is the shrine" or whatever. **Use the Black Wax Idol now!**

At that point, there should be about 6 Dregs. Kill them as quickly as possible. Then kill all the Hive there. Then a second wave of Hive will come along with a Ogre. DO NOT KILL THE OGRE. Kill all the Hive around him, then let him kill you. Yes I said let him kill you.

You will respawn in the pipe behind the Dregs. Your Black Wax Idol should still be active. Run though and repeat. You should get another Idol during this and you can keep repeating until you get bored or you cap out on glimmer.

This does work. It is easy. But when you get past level 20 you wont really need gimmer anymore anyway. 

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Honestly I find glimmer worthless, besides your first character maybe you hardly ever need to use it. You get better gear from drops then you'll get from the tower after level 5 or so. Ultimately the only use I have for glimmer (level 1 to level 20 characters) are for enegrams if I'm close to getting to a new level, exotic weapon bounties (there is at least one I know that requires you to buy 50 special ammo packs from the gun seller), and if you choose to do so, ships. Other then that Glimmer is pretty much pointless when you start doing the crucible or vanguard stuff.

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Yea that's why I added the "If you still need it". I needed it to get the 50 special ammo packs, that's how I discovered this. Thought I would share it for those who might need it. 

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