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[Read First] Official/Unofficial Games Details and Procedures

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Hello, I am Commander Seph and the new Unoffical Games Commander. I am responsible for assisting games that have the potential to be official games. We are moving away from our current poll system used to select official games and on to a new system. All new potential official games will be classified as unofficial first unless approved by council. This will allow for us to assess the game's leaders and if it has enough of a following. Listed below are the details for the different classifications of games within our community.



Official Games

Below are a few perks of being an official game.

  • Full access to "The Hype Machine" (Information about "The Hype Machine" located at the bottom)
  • Dedicated Teamspeak channel in official games section with sub channels
  • Dedicated sub forum area with addtional sub forums as needed
  • Dedicated server if game supports servers and the need is present (admin on server if they have the knowledge)
  • Assigned a point of contact to assist you with event announcements and advise to help you succeed
  • Leader will receive a forum award to show that they lead a game
  • Leader will be allowed officers and sergeants based on their need in game

Official game leader expectations are as follows

  • Active leadership and community in game
  • Run events regularly
  • Report to a point of contact on activity within a game and on events held
  • Administer server if they have the know how

Requirements in order to become official (Must meet at least 2 out of 5)

  • Guild/Clan System
  • Community meta-game addtitions (Such as tournaments)
  • Joe/Streamer/High Command support
  • Server support that benefits the AJSA
  • Community Popularity



Unofficial Games

Below are the perks of being an unofficial game.

  • Sub channel in teamspeak located under unofficial games
  • Use of "The Hype Machine" but must be approved by Commander or above.
  • Possible sub-forum (Official games that are sunset or Popular unofficial games)
  • Use of the Unofficial Games Commander as a Point of Contact
  • Possible temporary server for large events if supported (Commander or higher will admin the temp server)

What kind of games are unofficial games?

  • Games that we intend to support but are still in Alpha/Beta testing
  • Contenders to become official games
  • Games that have fallen out of favor and are no longer official games (They do have the ability to come back in to official status though)

How to make an unofficial game official.

  • Have an established and vetted leader canidate
  • Active population of regular members
  • Run events regularly
  • Meet 2 out of the 5 requirements listed above in the official games section

How to make a game an unofficial game. (You will need to submit a post with the following)

  • Explain how your game meets 2 out of the 5 requirements
  • A list of individuals who will play with you (at least 5)
  • Understand that you are volunteering to lead the group you are making a post for
  • Ideas for an event to be held if and when the game becomes unofficial
  • Create a follow up post after the event detailing how it went complete with screenshots and/or videos
  • An example and more information can be found here ->http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/26066-example-request-final-fantasy-xiv-a-realm-reborn/



Community Games

There is another type of classification that I would like to note. We will be adding a new section within teamspeak for games that do not fall in to the above categories but are still played regularly by our members. They will receive a channel under a new category: Community Games so that members can meet up and play together.



Unsupported Games

All other games will be labeled as unsupported games. They will not have any of the perks listed above.



"The Hype Machine"

Below is brief overview of something we like to call "The Hype Machine" which will help you raise awareness of your game and it's events. Official games get to utilize all options available. Unofficial games only get limited and sometimes temporary access to some of the details listed.

  • Advertising post on in the Dev/Publisher Forum of your game
  • Events posted in dedicated sub forum
  • AJSA Calendar entry
  • Semi permanent TS channel for event advertisement
  • Front page article
  • Steam group calendar entry
  • Chat advertise events during AJS streams on twitch
  • Twitter annoncements of events (auto announces calendar entries)
  • Council to stream special events (uncommon but possible if the event is interesting enough)
  • Mention in the Monthly Community Update Video (very special event and well planned)

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