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Kyrios or Lucius - for and against arguments

39 posts in this topic

Have you ever gone to an amusement park? You see this awesome roller coaster, so you hurry to be the first one there, but once you reach it you see this MASSIVE queue. You really want to try the roller coaster so you resign to standing in line for hours.


When you do finally get onto it you'll have to face ups and downs and resist the urge to vomit.


That’s pretty much ArcheAge in its first week after launch ^^






The massive queues, incredible lag, maintenances, queues, gold spammers, restrictions and of course more queues made the game difficult to play.




Thankfully things have calmed down now and queues have lessened, sadly the land availability has lessened too.


The biggest problem we faced however was the fact that not all AJSA members who wanted to play ArcheAge were able to make characters on the main server in time. Once the server restrictions were in place (making it impossible to create characters) they were forced to move to another server.





That is why the guild was split and why the issue of ''which server should be our main?'' has come up.



So which server should we pick?


Here are some arguments for and against both servers:





The server which was chosen as our main before the game even launched and the server the first guildies were able to level their characters on.


The great thing about this server is that we have had much more time on it.   


We managed to get land and built not 1, not 2, but 5 boats! Not bad Angry Army!                   3-2.png


Also several have already managed to hit 50 and really get into the game.



The server itself however is very highly populated; this will not only reflect in queue times but also while playing the game itself. Lag being the least of our problems.


As much as we'd like to say that the AJSA is the top guild on the server, it sadly isn't so. With time that may change, but the biggest concern at this moment is that other very big guilds have already gotten more land than we have.


Once Auroria comes out it will be a huge dash for the land, but even if we do manage to get some more land we will probably get run over by a guild with several hundred members, leaving us pretty much helpless.


Either we get really lucky or we turn pirate.


We got this heads up from an AJSA member on the EU version of ArcheAge. Even though he is part of a very competitive guild they are still being threatened to be left behind competing against huge guilds.



That brings us to our second server:




The server which was used mainly for the guild members that could no longer make a character on Kyrios. Since the server was pretty new not many people were on it, which made a huge difference with queue times, making it ideal for the free to play members who had to (understandably) spend more time in queue than the patrons.


Some of the officers switched from Kyrios to Lucius so that not only a guild could be created but also so that newer members would not feel like they were dumped on a second server. Unfortunately that made the guild split definite. Having half the guild on one server and the other half on the other sucked for everyone.


However, this did force us to explore the new server a bit.



It has a lot of land.


4-1.jpg                                 And who doesn’t like land? The guild already managed to get a few spots and much is still unclaimed. With every day that passes more people manage to get a spot though, leaving less for us.



There are also no huge guilds on the server (yet), which gives us time to build up and buck up.




Of course a big problem with this server is that many will not be willing to make the switch, especially since Trion has not introduced a character transfers yet. This would force many to leave all their items behind and start all over with levelling.


However it is certain that Trion will introduce the character transfer, making it possible to get your items from one server to another.


And the levelling part? It certainly sucks that you have to start all over again, but at least you don’t have to reread all the quests. (you WERE reading them right…?) And you could level up together with other guildies.



Of course if you were not able to get some land on Kyrios, then now is definitely your chance.



Both servers have their pros and cons and it definitely is important to know and understand them before making a final decision.


Beef will make sure every ones opinion is heard.


The option to vote on the server will be from Friday till Monday, make sure you vote on the poll that beef will put up and not somewhere random where no one will find it.


Also if you would like more info you can join the guild meeting on Saturday 27/09 at 1pm PST.








Thank you to Weynard, fuzzypanda and Craig910

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I say Kyrios because it was the one first intended to be the main server and also where i have all of my stuff. Might sound selfish. but hey. that's my reason for wanting kyrios.

My against argument for lucius is that i have nothing there.

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How long exactly have the people that are playing on Kyrios right now been building their characters?

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The only thing that makes me hesitate about Lucius is the fact that it is a newer server after the main launch. It lacks any hardcore, experienced and possibly long term players.  It lacks organized guilds that would bring competition and make it more fun to have someone to fight against.  Stomping everyone on Lucius would probably be as much of a joke to other people as Oran'Thul's choice to play on Tahyang (the main roleplay server voted by the community).


The overall battle for Auroria will be glorious.  It will be a battle of over 1000 players with as much, if not more, chaos as planetside 2.  It will be a massive game of "Protect the VIP" as all the top guilds struggle to protect their Purifying Archeum tradepack to activate the lodestones and claim their castles while destroying any competition.  Many Purifying Archeum will be lost at the bottom of the seas and battles will rage for hours over them as divers attempt to recover them while facing endless waves of hostile players trying to do the same.  The coasts and shores of Auroria will be strewn with the wreckage of ships.  A wave of red will paint the grass as players approach the lodestones.


At least that's how I imagine it, assuming Trion actually announces the time for everyone so it doesn't start off as a trickle. XD

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I have a level 46 character on Kyrios with over 15k exp into metalworking invested, also spent some real money on it like inventory expansion and stuff. Switching server means I either level crafting on my alt in Lucius, or I continue leveling it on my main on Kyrios hoping to transfer it over when character transfer is available. This is the main pain point because labour point is shared, and without knowing ETA to server transfer from Trion it's a gamble I have to make.

BUT, to put into perspective, it has only been like what, 2 weeks? If we are even going to play this game for 1-2 months, 2 weeks when put into perspective is not really a big investment. Moreover, once server transfer is available, you can then always transfer your main character over. Right now I'm just leveling my alt in Lucius. It's some free Gilda stars from quests, and you can capture a piece of land early on Lucius, so I really don't see it as that big of a loss moving to Lucius. I would actually prefer a lower pop server, because in the long run it's going to make our quality of life better. 2 weeks is a little sacrifice in comparison.

About possibility of Lucius having too little population later on because of many f2p players. When server transfer open up, I'm quite sure there will be a lot of guilds from over populated servers like Kyrios moving over to less populated servers. Which is also why if we only start the shift when server transfer become available, it might be a bit too late. It ensures that we grab some land on Lucius before any big guilds transfer over.

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If there is no character transfer I am not leaving.

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How long exactly have the people that are playing on Kyrios right now been building their characters?

Pretty much since Day 1 of headstart.


I'm gonna stop myself before i talk myself into trouble.. And just say this...

Many of us on Kyrios have worked VERY hard to get to where we are.  I for one have a close friend of mine on the server that i recruited into the AJSA guild. If she agrees to go to Lucius and we get transfer ability, then i will go.  

I think the decision was hasty, however.  I think clear guidance was put out by the Commander, and people seemingly jumped to Lucius anyways without giving it some time.  If i'm misunderstanding that, than so be it.  My mistake. 

I think people are emphasizing land too much. Houses and Farms will never equal more than the AJSA guild focusing its efforts on whatever we need.  Sure they help.  But they aren't the only way to victory.  

If we can't transfer - then i will stay on Kyrios.

I understand its frustrating for some peopel to be stuck in queue for a couple of weeks.  You have NO PROGRESS. i get it.. But for us, on Kyrios to reach 50, and then start over from 0 is not only no progress, but its also a huge burnout for us because of all we worked on.  


I don't know if the AJSA is willing to try this idea as a worst case scenario, but why don't we just have a guild supported on each server? 

If Joe ever decided to promote AA and the guild.. holy crap. you'd need two servers to hold everyone anyways. Unless you want a single guild managing a metric buttload of people on the game and TS.... Just food for thought... 

Whatever AJSA decides, i will try and accommodate.. I've already pre-emptively contacted support to see IF i can transfer, WHEN it can happen, and what all it entails.  Waiting on a reply.  Until then.. I am level 50 on Kyrios and I intend to gather Gilda Stars and help other guildmates with whatever they need. 

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I still don't get how most of the streamers changing servers to Salphira at the last minute left Kyrios being over-populated. o.O

Anyway...I'd prefer to be based on Lucious because it would give the guild the chance to accomplish what it set out to do.

Regardless of what we decide I'd say it should be based on what is best for the guild rather than the individual.

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There will not be 2 official ajsa guilds on several servers. There will not be 2 official ajsa guilds on 2 factions. There will only be one, and this weekend you guys have a chance to vote for it and decide once and for all.

Lets try to sum everything up.

Known facts:


*Trion has officially stated that they are working on transfers (click here, scroll to the bottom).


*Kyrios has the highest population

*Only server that still have queues.

*There are a lot of patrons and hardcore guilds on the server.

*We would 100% have competition fighting against other guilds in Kryios (thats good imo).

*We have progress on the server of 2 weeks.

*There is hardly any land left, they will open pvp zones but those will get horded too.


*Lucious has High population, but no queues

*Has lots and lots of land space.

*In my opinion there are less patrons and mostly free players (This is not a fact. It seems to be the case because server on High population and with free slots of land.

*Less competition, maybe not enough competition.


In my opinion when deciding to switch servers we should foresee worst scenarios could happen in long term playing.

Worst scenarios to happen.

If we move to Lucios:

*We loose progress of 2 weeks (some of the wealth we would get back when they implement server transfers, but still).

*Anyone who wants gets land, we gear up, level up, become Nr.1 top guild of the server out of like 3 clans. Progression would be kinda fast if we have land and less competition.

*We get bored, and decide to leave everything behind (all non movable stuff).

*We transfer to a populated server

*We dont have any land anymore, but we "grew up" on another server and we already got most of the stuff we needed.


if we stay at Kryios:

*We would +- have the same amount of land as we do now on the server, cause its crowded.

*We try to progress, do trade runs on pvp areas but since we are a small (not tiny) compared to the others, we just get stomped.

*We notice that we need to either merge to another guild or an ally to do the big events like cracken, castle sieges.

*We get PKed on PVP zones constantly, by massive zergs

*Because we get rekt on every step we take, we decide to transfer to another server. But we are too late to get the advantages of a new server and we find it hard to compete with guilds on other server too, because they had an advantage to grow up on the server without harassment.

If Angry joe decides to join:

*We get the strength of quantity (even though without land)

*Queues become even a bigger problem

*Teamspeak "OMG OMG queues" all the time


For TLDR(Too Long Didn't Read) 

All in all my opinion. For the guild in long term I see that moving to Lucious would be better. Because its better to grow up on a server and transfer to another if we dont have enough competition. Than to get rekt or try to compete against zergs (that we currently have on Kryios) with our small/medium guild (that we currently have on Kryios), and then switch to another server when we no longer have the advantage of the "start" or get land for everyone (like we could now).


2week progress imo is a personal issue. I have played on beta for a month, got wiped. Now I played Kryios, got everything for a boat and lots off other stuff, will maybe get wiped. Yes it sucks, i know. But say what you want, you can get the same amount of wealth and progress on another server in 4 weeks max. Its not that much of a deal. We will not be forcing you to do anything, but there will be only one official guild, that we will be focusing events and stuff around. And when voting for a server you should really reconsider thinking of what would be better to the guild in the long run, and try to minimize your personal welfare.

I respect your opinions, this was mine. Please respect it too, if you feel that i missed something or i am wrong about something - post a CONSTRUCTIVE reply and I might modify my post.

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Just saw the "guild town" on Lucius with a lot of members plopping their farms/houses down in around the same place, with a lot more space for others around there. Having a "guild town" is so cool and this is something we won't be able to do on Kyrios, even if we have land, it will be scattered around everywhere. 

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I feel that we should stay on kryios. 


I will now list my reasons:


#1. there is a very high probability that Lucius will become a low population server when depop time comes around in a month, where as kryios will remain a high population server


#2. if we move to lucius well have a guild split with a large portion of us staying on kryios until server transfers become available (which we have no idea when), but on kryios we can unify now and therefor get to doing the cool guild stuff.


#3 land will clear up on kryios.


#4 I feel that I was mislead and at times lied to about the server switch issue and how we were going about handling it (I wont say names), for that reason I'm partial to stay on kryios biased on principle alone.


You cannot lie to me and expect me to take your side!

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Moving to Lucius is too focused around server transfers. Since server transfers are not an option at this time then why would you want to split your guild? Most who have made significant progress will not be starting over from scratch. By moving, you will alienate your most dedicated guild members with the hope of owning a house on a server that may die when server populations dwindle and they will. Since Archeage is so focused on the economy and pvp, a low population server is not an option. Those that are patron are more likely to stay in the game since they have made their real money investment which Lucius is lacking in. If land is your biggest worry, more will be available as updates come out.


I am very much against moving the guild. It is not good for the guild's short term or long term goals outside of owning land immediately. All progress will be lost, the guild will be divided, and the newer server will be a much lower population preventing any meaning progression.


If building a house is your only goal, we can spool you up a minecraft server and allow you to build one. Please consider the guild over your own ambition to build a house....

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Transfering to a new server in order to get all our land together is what I see as the main motivator for wanting a switch.


While I see the appeal for a guild town, I run acrosss one area in Vill completely owned by one guild, *cough [MH] cough* And I am extremely jelous. I want one. But that itself is not enough. The guild members ourselves do own land on Kiryos, we just need to organize it.


Aside from smallish trade runs, guildies have pretty much been left to our own devices.


If consolidating our land into one are is priority, perhaps we should look at a commerce path. Why not just Buy or Trade for what we want. This will require a focus on trade runs and Carts/Ships.


A run from Arcum Iris to Solace or Villanelle is worth about 5 gold. Stockpile packs and wait for Ynystre to come out of war into peace, and it nearly doubles to 8 and change. If we do a large guild run of 10+ people thats 1/3 of the way to a TS log for a cart. We do it 3 times and there is our first cart. Cart = Exponential growth.


Make connections with other guilds, find out when they are doing a Freeditch run, and tag along for extra guilda. Try for a merchant ship.


We can do the same on Lucius and it would likely be easier, but for those of us who did spend time and money, it's not as easy as 'Just switch'. Dropping everything we have done in the last 2 weeks (and real money invested) only to start over from scratch is a very bitter pill to swallow.


We can have what we want on Kiryos, we just need to pull together for it. By working together to actualy acomplish something difficult I think we will build a stronger guild because of it. If we take the easier road, what happens to us as a whole when times get tough?

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Let me weigh in on this debate in a logical manner:









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This is sure shaping up to be a difficult matter.

Sounds to me like it'd be best to stay on Kyrios, and IF those transfers come around, look at the issue again. We can be pritty sure that those monster guilds won't transfer, so if we do transfer en mass, we would still be one of the bigger ones

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Being a large guild on a server without competition is... boring...... Without the people to compete against then anything you do has no meaning to it and we might as well be playing farmville.

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I think what we really need is an updated goals for the guild since it seems our original goals have fallen apart.

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^^ I agree.

While i'm here, i'll post this: 

We are working to offer server transfers, we're eager to make them available!



Obviously the time estimate is quite vague, but for those worried about losing characters, things aren't as bad as they seem.

At least we know they're working on character transfers.

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Here is why I believe Lucius is a better server then Kyrios.


Pros For Lucius -

-We have land, and there is a lot of land left, going fast though.

-Less Patron players then free to play, so even in long wait times, patrons get in almost immediately.

-Lots of players (which means many people to invite to the guild!)

-More land means better chance to progress through creation of ships and resources for later ingame content. Even if we eventually change servers back to Kyrios we will still have all the resources we will need.


Cons For Lucius-

- A lot of Bots

- The server may eventually die down in the future, where as Kryios might staymore active.




Pros For Kryios-

-Lots of patron players so the server will stay active for longer (possibly)


Cons For Kryios-

-Everyone that played in beta / alpha is on Kryios. Which means we have a lot of experienced players against us.

-To many patrons. When coming on after work I am about 1000 - 2000 in wait time, which sums up to about 3 - 4 hours.

-We have no land, we cannot get land until larger factions move north when they shoot for castles, where as at that point we will be very far behind them in ships and tools. Catching up is unlikely.

-Guilds on our faction such as Impenetrable and several others have over 400 members, while we have 80.

-Other guilds have taken all new members, and there are likely no additional players going to be joining a sever where there is such high wait times. Especially with patrons taking the lead every time they log in.




One thing that Ive noticed, is that many of the people voting for Kryios don't hardly play and are never found in TS. There are some of us however that are playing on Lucius and playing every day. My friends and I have been trying to get people to make characters so they can see how good the server is, but people are being stubborn and refusing to try it because they will lose their lvl. Now I was lvl 40 when I switched, and after a day I was already lvl 27 on Lucius with a thatched farm house. And trust me when I say we can easily get you to your 50 gilda stars, and there is so much room to put our land together and farm for items.


Also I should mention the fact that having gotten to lvl 40, I found it was much faster to lvl on Lucius because I knew what I was doing. It really is simple to progress, but we need more people to help us get ships. Currently myself, Mermen, and Aanatu, have thatched farm houses, large farms, and small farms. There are also several others with houses and small farms, and we can easily help everyone get their large farms and trade packs done.

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Although we have more of a headstart on Kyrios, Lucious won my vote due to a lack of queues, which, let's face facts, was one of the biggest headaches the Archeage community had at laungh.

Not connectivity issues.  Not broken quests.  Not duping bugs.

Very long queues.

Very long queues that everyone hated, most complained about, many raged about, some quit over, and a select few decided to go full retard and sue Trion over.

I hated the queues, not enough to complain over them, but enough to say, "Hey, this server has no queues!  Let's put our mains here!"

Whichever we choose, I will make keep my character on there and delete the other one on the other server (really I only made them to reserve the name until we decided on a server).  I personally prefer Lucuis, but I will not complain if we end up staying on Kyrios.

That's all I wanted to say.

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If you vote Lucius free AJSA cloaks. But ours are better. They are black and white rather then white and black. ;)

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As much as I really reeeally want to say Lucius for my own personal reasons... I think Kyrios is better for the guild.

1) Starting over vs. starting fresh

Is it right to force the people on Kyrios to start over on Lucius? Those of us who didn't start playing until after the lockdown are starting fresh at square one no matter what. Moving the guild to Lucius involves leaving behind a lot of manhours on Kyrios with the indefinite promise of getting them back Someday™ when server transfers get added. Also, personally I think having an established guild services makes it easier to get new characters rolling, compared to having everyone leveling at the same time.

2) Server pops

The server populations will decline. It's an immutable fact, and it happens to every single game no matter the genre. The question in whether the population will decline to the point where they start merging servers. If it does, you can bet money that the last servers added will be the first servers removed, which means doing this song and dance all over again if we're on Lucius.

3) Competition

Others have already made this argument and I'm simply agreeing. Competition keeps things interesting. And I would rather be on the listing side of a 20v100 fight against a huge guild, rather than be on the winning side of a 20v5 preying on pubbies. The most compelling argument for moving seems to be that we'd be in a stronger position, which is meaningless if we're running from the competition to achieve it.

4) Morale

It seems pretty clear the move is going to upset people. Without super clear evidence that a move would be beneficial to the guild (which we don't have, or else this wouldn't be a debate), I think it will do more harm than good. We planned for Kyrios, people set up on Kyrios, I say we should stick with Kyrios unless something catastrophic happens (and going 4-5 days without being able to make a character counts as a catastrophe).

The question being posed isn't just "Which server should we play on?" but rather it's "Should we abandon Kyrios and start over?"

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