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[XB1] Gaming News, Previews, Screenshots, Interviews etc

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So the rank is being reset? Correct me if I'm wrong but that means people who are rank 20 plus in ranked are now going to head back to zero? Interesting.

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Downloaded the latest patch on the Halo: Master Chief Collection. You then need to download another update when you start multiplayer.

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Another Witcher 3 trailer came up in the last couple days;


I'm seriously thinking of picking up this release week. I'd be a complete noob to the Witcher series but I'm willing to try it. I've heard the install for the Xbox One is about 30GB. Reasonable but I'll probably have to upgrade my external harddrive to 2TB or 3TB by the end of the year it looks like....

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Fallout 4 announcement trailer on Youtube



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Put on Evolve after a month break. Looks like they put in an "Arena" game mode. No hunting involved; you're essentially in a dome and you the monsters and hunters start fighting right away. Played a couple of matches, seemed pretty interesting.

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