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Profession help

5 posts in this topic

This thread will be used to make people aware of who needs what for their professions like how Im a cook and I need ground grain we can list people in this thread to level up professions faster. please post what you need for your professions down below.


btw my ingame name is Villanbullet.

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Im one of the main Alchemists and I guild commander.So far I was just soloing crafting, I understand that people have their own stuff to do, but have in mind that you will need alchemy mats for crafting most of the armor/weapon/machine stuff not even talking about the consumables. My main problem is that I spent most labor gathering instead of alchemy. Last night got 1000+ lavendar 1000+ Iris ~200 mushrooms but that ate my labour points.

I offer my labor for you, just send me some mats and I will craft for you. My simple offer for you is mana pots. They are really easy to get and useful. You can get 1900 mana from ~10 mushrooms.

1. Buy/Farm some mushrooms (or other mats to make medicinal powder) and send it to me.

2. I can craft you mana pots that restore 190 mana (send iris too if you want pots that restore 530)

3. I send it to you and you can spam them, have some additional mana :)


Things I would like to recieve to level up my alchemy:

Easy to get stuff - Silver ore, Mushrooms, Iris, Lavendar. I MOSTLY NEED MEDICINAL POWDER

Hard to get stuff - Thistle, Lotus, Cornflower, Cultivated Ginseng, Aloe, Bay leaf, Ginko leaf, Cubhead fungus

Even if you send 1-3 items, it would help me a lot. Thanks

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I'm doing Handicraft as a main and am at 17k, so if you need jewelry (the higher lvl ones require earth jewelry which only has a small chance (about 1 in 5) to get it though), the steel fishing rod (you need 10k fishing to use it), lunagems or lutes & flutes, let me know and send the mats for it.

I'm usually short of some rarer mats like Wave lunarite, Fire lunarite and Starlight archeum.

Move, are you almost at 10k Alchemy? I need pots and oils but the 10k+ ones.
I'll also send you some materials for the oils that need less alchemy, but i have to check what mats i have and what still needs to be grown.
Anyway, i'll msg you in game about it.

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I'm going to be going heavily into Metalwork very soon, my Metalwork proficiency as of this posting is slightly over 10k

the main thing i need is Moonlight Archeum as it's essential to crafting any armor piece; dust, shards, crystals, essence, even lowly motes are all good

however, i also need iron ore, opaque polish, rough polish, non-stick polish and rainbow polish (the last three only needed as i level up and make higher tier armor)

as i will be leveling my alchemy as well as metalwork (alchemy is merely a sideline for me, as a way to make my own polish) the ingredients for the different polishes would also be a welcome donation, you can find what they are under the entries in your folio under Alchemy - pigments/oils/polishes

the last ingredient that is required for metalworking are blue salt wedges, these can be obtained from general merchants for i believe 5 silver each.

for your donations i can craft any armor piece of appropriate level (as long as i meet the prof. requirement) which i can offer in return

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i have almost 15k alchemy and 50k+ leatherworking if you need either of these let me know

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