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  1. 1. Bayonetta Or Devil May Cey

    • Bayonetta
    • Devil May Cry

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Hey guys so this topic is about which of these two game franchises is better. Now before we get started there is something I need to get out of the way. Both the Bayonetta franchise and Devil May Cry (up till DmC: Devil may Cry) were made by the same group of people called Team Little Devils who later went to Platinum Games and became team Little Angels. They were also directed by Hideki Kamiya. So with this in mind which of these two franchises was the better creation as well as franchise.

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(in advance if i don't make sense my bad..  too tired)

I am the hugest devil may cry fan for  a very long time and loved all of them well exept 2nd,im such a fan i literaly have dante's coat and sword.

my favorites go in order  like so : 4 , 3 ,1,2.   

but bayonetta is just better in every way , there is no real competition because capcom pretty much left Devil may cry to die after 4 since they don't do good releases anymore ;c

and well bayonetta has just so much more diversity and amazing comboing in the combat that just comparing is actually kinda hard (depending which devil may cry you compare)

you can obviously notice that the amazing devs of devil may cry went to platinum and made an even better game then they did before.and i hope bayonetta 2 comes on pc in a couple of years or something ;D

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I'm pretty sure the only game Team Little Devils worked on was the Original DMC and some of the team worked on the fourth game, but I'm not sure if Team Little Devils itself was credited, but I digress.  Bayonetta's snark is better than Dante's one-liners and the climax of Platinum games are far more entertaining and a better pay off than a girl finding out a "Devil" can cry.  In terms of combat mechanics; I personally prefer Bayonetta, because I feel more in control of my character and the enemy attacks seem more deliberate and intentional.  With clever switching between swift attacks and slow attacks.

Rodin in Bayo 2 likes to mix between short fast attacks(fastballs) and these slow charge attacks(change ups) that throw off your timing.  This forces you to be more reflexive and quick to act.  It's not something I've ever experienced even on DMD diff of DMC 3.

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