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Mr. Lulz

Halo 2 Anniversary Mini-rant

3 posts in this topic

Okay so you probably know that there are six maps from Halo 2 being remade.




So here is my problem....



I get it, you want to bring back all the wonderful memories of Halo 2 multiplayer, but this is fucking stupid! Why not replace three of those maps with three maps that don't get the attention they deserve. Like Terminal...



I understand that the new maps have had kind of crappy remakes, even the remake of Lockout from Halo 3 was meh, but this isn't how you do it!! People already know about these maps and that's probably why they are being remade. It just saddens me to see such great opportunity wasted.  Do I hate 343 for doing this? No, Well kind of, but the point is that they picked the ones everyone has heard of and just remade them even though I have seen plenty of remakes of those maps. Coagulation just pisses me off more because Blood Gulch has been made like 4 times and it's getting old. That's all I have to say, besides, buy this game if you are a Halo fan because it looks awesome!!

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I disagree, the maps while they have been remade before would ruin the purpose of Halo MCC if changed to dramatically. So really this doesn't grind my gears that much at all. It will be Classic Halo to me but Next-Gened (if that's even a verb)

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For me its no problem they have been remade since I never got to play halo 2 MP. 

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