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Training Events

6 posts in this topic

Hey everybody. It's time to get down and dirty and get some mud and sweat on you. That's right, it's training day, or in this case Days. This thread is where I will be posting the dates that we will be doing training exercises to get your blood pumping and to help get better at the game. All training day events will start at 11am PST. Spread the word folks.   the events will be held in lute song harbor



11/13/2014: Proper ship etiquette; We will be teaching you all about how the ships work and how to best utilize them. From blasting them with cannons to tearing them down with the harpoon. And on the flip side, we'll be training on how to dodge them and maximize movement as well. If your into the ship and naval aspect of the game, this will be a day your gona love.



11/20/2014: Combat Training; We will be sparring with one another and going over party roles and how to utilize them. I've been through this a couple times and can tell you it's hard work but well worth it. MoVe has become a feared pirate hunter because of training like this.



11/22/2014: Ship to Ship Combat Drills; The name says it all folks. Sparring but with our galleons. We are gona need some salt after this one, it's gona get rekt and it's gona be glorious. But hay, you won't get better without splintering some wood for yourself.



11/23/2014: Squad based and Raid Combat Drills; Once we get party roles set, it's time to put them into action and practice. We will be doing raid level fights (Raid dungeons and world bosses. Yes there are raid dungeons and they are glorious once you find them)  Fun fun fun. This is the good stuff.

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Great, looking forward to this. There is much to learn. And the event times are suitable for EU players

19 gmt

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Im almost cerain there suppose to be an event 2014/11/17. Or is it just me ? I was 1 hour before it should have started and stayed up for a few more, how did I miss it ?

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Looks good! See ya all then.




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Good thing i allready know the Drills as a ship captian >.>

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