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Apex Spartan

Well behaved LoL players to get IP boosts. O.o

9 posts in this topic

This is awesome news!

Good job Riot...really.



Link: http://www.pcgamer.com/well-behaved-league-of-legends-players-to-get-influence-point-boost/


Riot has taken a number of steps this year to combat toxic player behaviour in League of Legends, ranging from blocking offenders from joining ranked queues through to outright bans. While the measures have been well-received, those in the habit of behaving themselves are about to get a substantial reward in the form of a 4-win IP (Influence Point) boost. The reward, which will be granted to each player with a clean record, will roll out over the next week.


I don't know, this video reminded me of why we get so many idiots anyways. Maybe now they get motivation to be less idiotic....

In our dreams. <.<


At least think about it this way. You don't get rewarded in many games just because of nice behavior so...

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If they made it RP rewards, I think they would get better results.

It could even be little scraps. Like 10 rp per win.

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got the IP boost ^^ (so did my 3 games won smurf account...................ok)

am pretty happy with this new idea, i mean we might see a improvment at some levels cos of this change, however iv got the feeling they will be limited improvments in players attuides.

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Oh boy IP D: I just bought kalista with ip (7800) and I have 6300 left lol Once you buy all the champs you really have nothing to do with it. I could buy runes but I'm ok with mine right now

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Oh. Now I explain myself those misterious IP boosts that I got some of these times. Well....shit, I cant believe I had a clean record all this time xD

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