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AJSA officially dead In ESO

3 posts in this topic

Well sadly after about a month of attempting to recruit some people in game for AJSA and not even getting A SINGLE PERSON to join us I'm ready to say that we have indeed crossed the Rubicon in ESO. We have fallen into decline and there dose not seem to be much that can be done to reverse it. My inability to play much during weekdays these past few months have not helped matters.... but it is what it is. The only new members we have seen whatsoever after summer have been 2 AJSA members who picked up the game at a later date then launch. I have already messaged our point of contact with command about this.


The guild shall remain open to make communication between what members we have left in the guild can ask for assistance or advice from other AJSA members, and to prevent strangers from using the AJSA tag to tarnish the name of the AJSA. Personally I have found the solution to having no bank space whatsoever to be solved nicely with the use of the guild bank for refined materials and common cooking supplies. I am re-stacking items every week or 2 to ensure we keep plenty of room, but it dosn't look like that shall be a problem anytime soon. A reminder to everyone that if you are in need of a promotion to use the guild bank, please do not hesitate to ask. It has been restricted to veteran rank due to several instances of members cleaning the thing bare and quitting the guild within a day. Most people have been playing sense launch and should qualify for one. Just post a message here New AJSA invite/promotion thread (NA server) and promote you (or invite you) ASAP. I advise people to stick with less valuable items in the guild bank just in case.


Personally I have no intention on leaving ESO 'till Star Citizen is released so if you need assistance of any sort (Except gold i still need more for bank space/mount upgrades) please do not hesitate to ask me or other guild members. 



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I'd join if I was willing to fork over $60-$80 just to buy the game. Maybe I can setup a donation option for me? xD

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