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League Community How to Help

7 posts in this topic

Hey guys I just wanted to bring up the problem of players not improving because of disencouragement from random players mainly about asking the question "why" which i go into later in the post I would really appreciate it if you read this carefully and don't get the wrong idea from it. Let me know what you think!


I find this a problem in nearly every game of League now from randoms to communities and groups of friends and this is it. Although league brings us together it also causes countless arguments. Theres people who can keep it in say your friend feeds. Then there are others who think its ok to just tell someone how bad they are no matter how well they know them and the worst part is they never say what you did wrong or how you can improve! This is the problem how can someone get any better if you simply say why? I am guilty of this and looking back on it I feel horrible about it. A big part of league is mistakes and you have to learn to capitalize on them if the enemy makes one. Also you learn from your mistakes allowing you to not let it happen again. But this can be extremely difficult when someone just asks you why when they could be suggesting something you could have done differently. Thats the mindset that gets you places, I feel that the word "why" is very contageous throughout the LoL community and we have to work around it instead of using it as an excuse. Obviously this doesn't apply to everyone I just find it hard to believe that we have all done this at some point and its just so immature, so i think we should realise that helping eachother makes a better game for all of us!


p.s Sorry about the long post thought I would get this off my chest haha!

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When playing with friends I usually never get mad at them for mistakes. If they do make mistakes, I tell them what they are doing wrong, I don't ask them "why are you doing that?"


That's the whole difference in playing with friends or randoms. With friends you have a lot more fun and less frustration. Also playing with friends I usually don't get mad when I fail, knowing I'm playing for fun with them anyways. I get your point and you said it right. We all made those mistakes.


And btw, that is NOT a long post xD

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I personally like to believe everyone is capable of being nice with one another its a matter of people lack the education in knowing they are not being insulted by their comrades for the lack of skill. 9 times out of 10 its because the person insulting others is stressed about the game and is trying to take that stress out on other players to relieve it. We as a community need to stop asking why people do things and think about how we can improve the community. and then take action and improve our behavior as a whole. 

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