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Sol Omega

Funny game related pics

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So was it announced or not ?

Nope it wasn't.

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No translation necessary.

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IGN's doing some photoshop challenge where you take a game boxart from this year and make it festive. Most so far are either Far Cry 4, Dragon Age Inquisition, or Infamous Second Son but there are a few other games that seem to trump those three games for being the best and so far I love this one the most. It's also perfect since starting shortly there will be Soulsmas where gift wraiths shall visit other worlds and give goodies in the Souls world so you better be good or else you get a zweihander into your back XD



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Okay for those who don't get it (which might be most) basically back before Dark Souls 2 was released, they had a beta. One the first day of the beta however no one was able to get on and would get this message saying it was trying to contact the servers and it had a candle on it. Thus many joked that it was the boss of the beta at the time.

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Game related:




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