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Thanks to everyone who joined us during our 20th Operation! At the beginning we started out with 25 people on Amerish, heading for the NC front.


To kick things off we pulled armor from Crux Headquarters to hit the NC, currently assaulting Mekala Cart Mining. We swiftly obliterated the NC armor and Sunderers around the base, but the present allied forces were unable to retake A-cap, meaning the base was lost.


Realizing that there was a severe lack of bases where we could destroy armor, we started to assault the base on foot, which ended the beginning phase. Moving our forces in quickly overwhelmed the NC and we took the base in the name of the Angry Army!


Afterwards we moved our forces southwards in order to take Mekala Tech Plant, currently controlled by the NC. Seeing as we had numerically superior forces heading for the Tech Plant and had more than 50% on Amerish it looked like the base would be possible to take. We pushed quite soon to A-Cap, almost taking the base. However the NC pushed us out about 2 min before we would have taken the base. Whilst the NC was distracted to retake A-Cap the SCU was successfully destroyed. Nonetheless the NC was able to destroy our Sundies and push us out, seeing as they managed to rally numerically superior forces at Mekala. After rearming at Mekala Cart Mining we found that we still technically had enough forces to push them out, if we would get help from TR forces, fighting other battles (we had the upper hand in every other battle). Once more we assaulted, but our forces were countered by a Vanguard zerg, bottlenecking us north of the Tech Plant. With the hostile turret support from the gundeck of the Tech Plant we were unsuccessful in pushing in and they soon overwhelmed us, heading for Mekala Cart Mining.

We successfully pushed them out again and charged once more, seeing as the NC all of the sudden had a massive population drop, however after we charged once again they poured back in. We were outpopped there, regardless of still having more than 50% of the Amerish forces, which were most notably wasted in a 48+ zerg hosted by the TR outfit 382, who dedicated their entire force to ghost-cap one base at a time.


With the unfortunate lack of support from them we had to pull out, after grinding for more than an hour, heading for Sungrey Overwatch to take it from the NC. Unfortunately they managed to push us out 10 seconds before we got the base with a Max crash, obliterating our forces. With numerically superior NC forces and a longer way to A-Cap we had to pull out.

Meanwhile Charlie was assaulting AuraxiCom Substation, where they valiantly supported the 382 in taking it, after they turned their attention to bases defended by the NC.


Looking to the VS we moved Alpha and Bravo to Aramax Chemical Co, to stop the VS from taking the base. Brushing the VS aside we soon established the local TR dominance. In the meantime Charlie was continuing their assault on Splitpeak Pass, securing it in the name of the Angry Army!


This concluded the Combat Phase of the Operation and we moved to The Bastion, to start the 22nd Official Racing League race, the 2-man Flash enduro race, which turned out to be one of the shortest races to this date, due to all but 2 teams committing suicide at Heyoka Chemical Compound.


1. Natemanpro

2. Robz Gamez






Once again TrashMan distinguished himself during the Op, hence he will be receive his 2nd MVP award (which will unfortunately not display on his account as such). This time most notably showing an aptitude for multiple approaches to combat, supporting his squad as an Engineer in the most crucial of moments or piloting a Lib. But his most notable exploits were both his flawless competence as a tank driver and his ability to obtain intel and passing it onto his squad. He significantly boosted Charlies combat performance and showed the PS2 staff once more that he is part of the elite AJSA PS2 playerbase.





As always, did you take some cool screenshots or footage of the Op?  Post them below!

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