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Hi, my name is AngryJoesCook

3 posts in this topic

hello folks, my name's AngryJoesCook. a few quick things to know about me: 

1- I've been religously watching Joe's youtube videos for almost 3 years now, and his streams for the past year and I am thrilled to see how the community he created grew so large. I couldn't resist the urge to enlist and contribute myself.

2- I'm the tank-type of player in almost every game I play. I like big armor, big guns and to wreak havoc everywhere I go.

3 -I'm one of those damn frenchies from Canada (chers confrères Québécois, je vous salue!) and my english-speaking skills are so much worse than my english-writing skills lol

4- I'm a genuinely nice and well-intended guy but I have no patience nor tolerance towards my enemies on the battlefield.

5- before anyone mentions it, no I did not choose this name to surf on Joe's popularity. I simply envisioned my avatar as the grumpy and slightly fatter solider than everybody who cooks for everyone with grenades in his pockets and rips the sh*t out of his enemies with his big wooden spoon. and I figured that since every army has its cooks, so should ours. I thought it was funny.

I'm looking forward to earn my place under the Angry Army banner in the following games:

- Planetside 2

- Left 4 Dead 2

- Starcraft 2

- Star Citizen (I bought one of the pledge package)

- Star Citizen

- Star Citizen

- Star Citizen

- Star Citizen

- and finally, Star Citizen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait for its release omg!

(I will most certainly in the future get more games in which I would gladly bear the banner of the AJSA)

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Yoooo i just saw you in the stream today haha. Welcome to the Angry Army!! (even though it sounds like you've technically been a big fan longer than me)

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