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(AAR) PS2 OP #22: Maximising Independence

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Thanks to everyone who joined us during our 22nd Operation and special thanks to Jaymawdo for taking platoon lead during this Op.


We started out on Amerish with around 30 players and our number remained relatively steady throughout the Operation.



During this Op we had the longest and most successful starting phase so far, going on for about 1 h 30 min. With Hossin, Esamir and Amerish to choose from, we decided to go to Amerish, seeing as Esamir was full and Hossin isn’t too popular. We chose to lay siege to the VS warpgate, ‘cause fuck the VS, that's why.

Before the starting phase began the PS2 staff moved 2 Sunderers into the mountains to the north-east of Aramax Chemical Co, which were overlooking the VS warpgate. With one of them being an ammo-Sundie we ensured that we had stationary turrets, that didn’t run out of ammo, whilst also ensuring spawn points to our troops.

After all members joined we started preparing the siege of the warpgate, by setting up Burster-Maxes along the ridge of the mountain facing the warpgate, whilst the infantry stood by with lock-on launchers and support classes. There was definitely enemy activity going on in the area, with an enemy Valkyrie passing directly over us at one point, however the VS did not react to us before we set out to destroy their vehicles.

At first only few targets patrolling the area showed themselves, which were being met with an incredible flak-screen. Disgruntled by being shut down we immediately got a consistent light resistance to our siege of about half a dozen pilots, constantly launching bombing runs at us and constantly being shut down. The enemies even mobilized a few tanks during the early phases to bombard us from afar, but with the enormous range between us, this endeavour to suppress us was ultimately futile.

Soon we started getting a larger resistance from organized outfits, which started organizing bombing runs in Liberators and Galaxies. With the amount of hostile air increasing and with the air starting to exploit the mountainous terrain slightly to their favour, the pace of the combat picked up. The enemy would throw a consistent mix of Galaxies at us to attract fire or pancake us and Liberators to bombard us. During this period the first VS tanks started appearing in our rear, diverting the attention of our infantry away from the warpgate front. Our forces also began to experience more action, seeing as our forces were more spread out and the enemy encounters would become more frequent, sometimes even lasting for multiple minutes. This meant that also the amount of communication increased exponentially, with new targets being called out and support being requested every couple of seconds. Nonetheless the comm discipline was astounding, especially considering 30+ people were sitting in the same channel. Furthermore some members took the initiative during the battle, by pulling some mossies, which would lure enemy ESFs to our Burster-Maxes, which would then open fire at them, either destroying them outright or causing them to panic in the massive amount of flak we were putting out.

With the alert on Esamir coming to a close in the favour the of the Vanu, the enemy resistance picked up significantly. Within the first 5 min of the alert being over, the VS forces nearly doubled. Whilst some parts of the new enemies weren’t aware of our presence yet, the organized outfits soon started setting up a massive push against us. Having attracted also the hostile puppy players with our fire, the resistance was soon overwhelming. Now our forces started to be really challenged, seeing as our forces were already engaged with the previous number. Nonetheless our forces stood firmly against the onslaught of enemies. Whilst the VS was successful in taking Esamir, we were determined to prevent the VS from consolidating their forces as they did on Esamir. The increased number of enemy aircraft in the sky made it increasingly difficult to focus fire on a single target. Our locked-down Burster-Maxes now couldn’t undeploy and turn around to track a target, they had to statically face in one direction, seeing as new targets would immediately present themselves, as soon as the aircraft they were shooting at flew past them. This meant that the solid wall of flak changed its form with our Maxes now taking up positions surrounding our perimeter, to ensure that no flank was completely unprotected. Meanwhile the cliffs and mountains around us enabled many aircraft pilots to approach undisturbed, until the last few meters. At this point the enemy outfits were organizing themselves even more, setting up multiple Liberators in single file for bombing runs. The general confusion of the increased hostile population also enabled a couple of enemies to get within our lines and take out the ammo Sunderer; it is unclear whether the perpetrators bailed out of some aircraft, were Gal-dropped or managed to sneak up on us the conventional way, but as a result the ammo on our remaining Sunderer was now finite.

Despite the increased resistance our forces managed to establish the new defensive perimeter against the VS forces, focussing AA fire to mainly to the North, East and South, whilst the infantry focussed on defending against the advancing VS infantry and vehicles to the West. Shot down enemy aircraft was usually immediately replaced, but our Maxes managed to increasingly push the Vanu back, preventing them from controlling the airspace directly above us. Nonetheless the hostile air stayed close, constantly bombarding us either from afar or by launching bombing runs at single point in our defense. With the limited cover our remaining aircraft pilots could provide Hunter5988 managed to bring another ammo Sunderer in, which gave our deployed Sunderer sufficient ammo for the G30 Walker, enabling us to put more bullets between us and the enemy. However after about 10 min in the heat of the combat, it too was destroyed by unknown forces, which again put us at the disadvantage of having a finite amount of ammo in the remaining Sunderer. Having worked out a defensive routine the battle continued this way with barely any conditions changing for about 20 min, however at some point our damage output surpassed their Nanites-regeneration ability and the number of the hostile aircrafts receded. As soon as that was the case our forces slowly began to focus fire again, which increased the defensive capabilities even more and soon after that we secured the airspace again, giving us time to consolidate our forces.

After a while the VS began their air raids once more, albeit with a lower amount of enemy aircraft. Nonetheless this was enough to tie our Burster-Maxes to the east, to suppress the warpgate. At this time the VS managed to position a Sunderer west of our position, with a strong VS push, which was being spearheaded by at least 4 VS maxes, being lead at our own deployed Sunderer. Whilst we do not have accurate numbers on that push, an unidentified AJA soldier described it exaggeratory as “at least a whole fucking platoon”. This significant push enabled a single VS engineer to get close enough to our last Sunderer and deploy 3 tank mines below it, which weren’t blown up in time. In the meantime our forces managed to grind the majority of the VS forces down to directly focus fire on the VS Sunderer, which lead to it being destroyed. Whilst we attempted to rally an engineer with a level 6 repair tool, another VS engineer managed to bail from an arírcraft and put more tank mines under the Sunderer. Although everyone open fire on him he managed to throw a grenade out, before he died, which marked the end of our remaining Sunderer. With the last Sunderer being destroyed our troops now relied on squad spawn beacons, whilst we tried to establish alternative spawn options. However being denied the opportunity to pull new Maxes meant, that our flak screen was soon being grinded down by the enemy aircraft, which put us in a downward spiral in terms of defendability, dooming us ultimately to failure. Simultaneously the VS was assaulting us from all sides with C4 fairies, advancing on their own up the hill to prevent attracting attention. With the Burster-Maxes looking at the sky and the infantry focussing on keeping the Maxes alive, they managed to approach our forces and presenting us with deadly friendship-bricks, meanwhile the VS moved armoured forces up from the rear. Soon our forces were all destroyed, which spelled the end of our starting phase.

Despite being killed at the end, it was especially noteworthy that our platoon consisted to about a third of new players, even with a lot of them being below BR10. Nonetheless these new players demonstrated extremely high skill, considering their low rank; they most certainly pulled their weight. Not only showing very good comm discipline for such new players, they also demonstrated a good ability to follow orders and instructions from the squad leaders.



This concluded the starting phase and we moved to the “Mercy Phase”, where we finally let the Vanu out of their warpgate to have some fun. Seeing as we spend so much time on the start phase, we decided to only spend a short time battling elsewhere, before starting the racing phase.

We moved our forces into AuraxiCom Substation, to help defend against a slightly superior Vanu zerg. Our forces moved swiftly in and charged A point. Whilst the push itself wasn’t particularly coordinated, one could still observe that our forces split up into 2 groups, with one heading straight for the capture point, whilst the other diverted to the West, to flank the enemy at the control point from higher ground. With this successful flanking manoeuvre the VS fell very fast and we pushed them further to the South-West. However the VS overwhelmed the puppy TR forces to the South-East, flanking our front lines, which caused them to collapse. With the VS having secured the western higher ground for themselves our forces were now forced to advance under fire on the direct path or flank through the narrow, stony and overgrown strip of terrain to the east of the capture point. Using Light Assaults for this feat, we managed to push them out again after a minute, this time pushing them past the confines of the base. This was mostly assisted by Bravo, who brought up an armoured column from the North, bombarding the VS infantry and vehicle forces outside of the base. Keeping the momentum, Bravo pushed up and destroyed the remaining VS forces and charging them through the open field to the south, annihilating any opposition. With Alpha and Charlie also mounting up to move to Auraxis Firearms Corp, we soon lay siege to this base as well. However this base is quite a fortress and with about equal forces the chances of taking it were quite slim. So after the first initial pushes were repelled, we decided to end the Op on the high note of repelling the Vanu all the way back to their own territory and called an end to the overall combat phase of the operation.



This concluded the combat phase and we moved to Sungrey Amp Station (on Amerish), to begin another edition of our exciting racing league. This time a Max race around the outer wall of Sungrey Amp Station.


Congratulations on the winner of the AJSA Racing League #22, the Max race on Amerish!


1. FinnishFighter


2. Pig_Face


3. Conan





During this Op the relatively new player EternalRobot distinguished himself, hence he will receive the MVP award (as soon as we figure his forum name out). Despite his low BR he took the initiative in luring enemy ESFs to our Burster-Maxes in the starting phase with a mossie, greatly aiding our endeavour of keeping the sky clear. Not only demonstrating initiative and a great sense of teamwork, he also was very helpful in assisting Hunter5988 to come to our help with another ammo Sunderer, by providing air-ground assistance, keeping Vanu tanks away from him. His performance greatly assisted the entire platoon in our endeavour to dominate the Vanu warpgate, not only earning him the appreciation and respect from the PS2 staff, but also from the platoon as a whole.





As always, did you take some cool screenshots or footage of the Op?  Post them below!

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